• Striking Back

    We have recently participated in a most impressive briefing: an inside look at Israel's security and their battle against terrorism! Included were briefings by top-level leaders from the Shin Bet, the Mossad, and the Israel Defense Force. This was all arranged by Shurat HaDin, the Israel Law Center.

    Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Esq., Director of Shurat HaDin, gave us the primary briefing of the entire mission. The Israel Law Center's pragmatic approach to stopping terrorism ultimately could prove to be the most effective strategy in the war on terrorism.

  • Technology & the Bible

    "Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened:"

    If we were reading this in 1860 - before the Civil War - we would have a difficult time anticipating that "all flesh" could wipe itself out with muskets and bayonets! But today a potential nuclear cloud hangs over every geopolitical decision on the Planet Earth.

  • Thanksgiving
    • How did the Thanksgiving holiday first begin?
    • What provocative parallels emerge in the strange career of the Indian "Squanto" and the Biblical record of Joseph?
    • What is the most important legacy we can leave our children and grandchildren?

    Chuck Missler reviews the origin of our unique national holiday and challenges our Christian stewardship concerning the precious heritage that is slowly being stripped away by the enemies of our Republic.

    Runtime: Approx 2 hours.

    Copyright © 10-20-1997



  • The 7th Day
    • Did God institute the Sabbath just for Israel?
    • Is a Christian supposed to keep the Ten Commandments?
    • Does a Christian have to keep the Sabbath?
    • How did Sunday replace Saturday as "the holy day"?
    • How does our freedom in Christ affect this memorial of the Creation?
    • What is the significance of the Sabbath day prophetically?

    Many Christians remain uncomfortable with the issue of Sunday worship replacing the traditional Sabbath of Saturday. Anyone who thinks this is a simple issue hasn't studied it carefully.

  • The Agony of Love
    • What really happened at the crucifixion?
    • How can one who is immortal die?
    • How can eternity be compressed into six hours?
    • What really held Jesus' body to the cross?

    Chuck explores the hyper-dimensional aspects of a love letter written in blood on a wooden cross erected in Judea almost two thousand years ago.

    Dr. highlights the medical and forensic aspects of the crucifixion.

    This briefing pack contains 2 hours of teachings.

    Copyright © 02-28-1997

  • Akedah

    We all know the story: Abraham takes Isaac, two young men and a donkey, and travels three days to Mount Moriah. Abraham leaves the donkey and the two young men at the base of the mount, and takes Isaac to the top where he prepares to offer him as a sacrifice. At the final moment, an angel interrupts the proceedings and a ram is substituted.

    But what’s the real point of this famous event?

  • The Beginning of Wisdom

    “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” Proverbs 9:10
    But how do we balance the awesome majesty due to the Creator and Ruler of the universe with the gracious family intimacy that is now available to us through the completed work of Christ?

    What does His Holiness demand of us, personally?

    What are the hazards of failing to render the Almighty His due, while availing ourselves the riches committed to us of the precious promises in His Word?

    How do we deal with these paramount issues facing us daily in practical challenges?

  • Bible

    In the 20th century we have witnessed one of the most remarkable discoveries in recorded history: the discovery that the universe is finite. The implications of this discovery are indeed staggering.

    Beginning with Albert Einstein in 1903, twentieth-century physicists have demonstrated that space-time and matter had a finite, simultaneous beginning!

    Prior to this discovery, atheistic scientists and philosophers rested comfortably on the notion that the universe was eternal. Consequently, a universe without a beginning needed no cause - it just was.

  • The Christmas Story

    Dr. Chuck Missler, a widely recognized Biblical authority, updates his classic study of Christmas. He explores the background, and myths, surrounding our favorite holiday.

    • What really happened in Bethlehem two thousand years ago?
    • Who were the "Magi?"
    • Why a virgin birth?
    • What does a Christmas Tree have to do with it?

    Each year at Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

  • The Coming Temple Update

    Center stage for the countdown.

    What is the prophetic significance of the current plans to rebuild the Temple?

    How have recent discoveries of modern science impacted the search for the location of the Temple?

    Did the Temple stand to the north of the Dome of the Rock...or to the south...or maybe exactly right where of the Dome of the Rock stands today?

    This study contains material from the 1995 Annual Temple Conference, held in Jerusalem each spring.

    Copyright © 06-01-1995

  • The Creator Beyond Time & Space
    • What are the implications of the current upheavals in traditional cosmology, astronomy, and physics?
    • What is the significance of the recent discovery that the Universe is finite?
    • Has science unlocked the mystery of our origins?
    • Chance or Design -What are the odds?

    As scientists begin to understand the interactions of basic forces, they discover an unending series of incredible inter-dependencies, delicately balanced.

  • The Creator Series

    Astonishing discoveries have surfaced which point to the existence of a transcendent extra-dimensional Creator. Furthermore, numerous recent discoveries now confirm the incredible scientific and historical accuracy of the Bible, as well as the supernatural origin of its texts.

    The entire Creator Series is now available in this one package. This package includes all of these great studies:

    The Creator Beyond Time and Space:

  • The DaVinci Deception

    Dan Brown's bestselling book, The DaVinci Code is a real page-turner but constitutes an intentional and very malicious attack on the person of Jesus Christ and Christianity. It has caused much confusion among those inadequately informed about the origins of the Gospels and the history of the early church.

  • The Divine Watchmaker

    What do molecular biology, the information sciences, and the design of advanced machines tell us about our origins?

    Why is "Evolution" the biggest hoax of the century?

    Review the Neo-Darwinian concepts and how modern discoveries have rendered them obsolete.

    Modern Science

    Modern Microbiology has revealed that even the simplest organisms are complex machines beyond our imagining.

    This briefing pack contains 2 hours of teachings.

    Copyright © 04-01-1996

  • The Easter Story

    What Really Happened?

    Most reasonably informed Christians are well aware that many of the traditions that surround the Christmas holidays have pagan origins and very little correlation with the actual events as recorded in the Bible. However, most of us are surprised when we discover that some of what we have been taught about Easter is not only in error, but deliberately so!

    This study contains 2 hours of teachings.

    Copyright © 2022
    Originally recorded: 2007

  • The End Times Scenario

    Many people are becoming increasingly conscious that we are entering a unique phase of human history. Some are terrified. Some are predicting cosmic doom on the near horizon. Others are making astonishing predictions. What does the Bible really say?

    Eschatology (the Study of “Last Things”) is among the most challenging avenues of study, even for the most sophisticated.

  • The Feasts of Israel
    • Passover
    • Feast of Unleavened Bread
    • Feast of First Fruits
    • Feast of Pentecost
    • Feast of Trumpets
    • Day of Atonement
    • Feast of Tabernacles

    The Feasts of Israel, set by God, are not only commemorative in a historical context, but are also prophetic.

    The first three feasts in the 1st month point to the Messiah's First Coming; the last three feasts in the 7th month, to His Second Coming. The middle feast highlights the Church, in more ways than is generally recognized.

  • The Flood of Noah
    • Was there really a universal flood?
    • Could an ark contain all of the animals?
    • Just who were the "Nephilim?"
    • Why did God bring such a devastating judgment upon the Earth?
    • Why were only eight people saved?

    Discover the surprising answers to these questions and learn what Jesus meant when He said: "As the days of Noah were, so shall the days of the coming of the Son of Man be."

    Explore the amazing prophetic implications of the "Days of Noah" and the "Flood of Noah" in the Genesis account.

  • The Forge

    Episode 4: Sept 23rd - The Great Sign

    One of the biggest talking points among Christians on Social Media so far this year has been the possible prophetic link between Revelation 12 and September 23rd, 2017. Some call it "The Great Sign."

    Does Revelation 12 predict an astrological event? Is this event the trigger point for 'The Rapture'? Join Ron Matsen as he takes the September 23rd 2017 prophecies into 'The Forge.'

  • The Fulcrum of the Entire Universe

    Isaiah 53 is one of the most astonishing passages in the entire Bible:

    It is often called, “The Holy of Holies” of the Old Testament. However, it is even more broadly impacting than most people realize; that’s why we call it, “The Fulcrum of the Entire Universe.” Its reach includes the entire creation.

    Clearly, its most devotional significance details our personal salvation: indeed, the entire New Testament is summarized in its remarkable 12 verses. Yet it also includes some of the most astonishing apologetic insights in the entire Bible. Rich rewards for the diligent.

  • The Gospel

    One of the last instructions given by Jesus to the Church was, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” (Mark 16:15)

    The fact is most Christians don’t know how to share their faith effectively. Sadly, many of the people they know in the world today are wandering around, lost and without hope, having never heard the wonderful Message of Reconciliation.

  • The Grand Adventure
    Come on the journey of discovery between the miracle of our origin and the mystery of our destiny. Why should we take the Bible seriously? And what does it mean to take it seriously?

    All creation seems to proclaim the existence of a creator.

    From the fine-tuned environment in which we live to recent discoveries in biochemistry, scientists all around the world are frantically searching for new answers where the traditional theories have failed.

  • The Great Commission

    The last commandment of Jesus before His ascension was for His disciples to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” The apostle Paul tells us, “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?”

  • The Holographic Universe

    There seems to be evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it are only ghostly images: projections from a level of reality so beyond our own that the real reality is literally beyond both space and time. The main architect of this astonishing idea is one of the world’s most eminent thinkers - physicist David Bohm, a protégé of Einstein’s. In this executive summary, Chuck gives a current perspective on some of the areas that define our reality.

  • The Holy Spirit

    In 1 Corinthians chapter 12 the apostle Paul writes, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant.” Sadly, today many Christians are poorly equipped to understand what the Bible has to say about the Holy Spirit.

  • The Hybrid Age

    In recent years, astonishing technological developments have pushed the frontiers of humanity toward a far-reaching transformation that promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human.

    As a result, new modes of perception between things visible and invisible are expected to challenge the Church in ways that are unprecedented. The destiny of each individual–as well as the future of their family will depend on the knowledge of this new paradigm and their preparedness to face it head on.

  • The Kingdom of Blood

    Who is the Woman that rides the Beast in the Book of Revelation? What are the implications of the current "Ecumenical" movement?

    The History of the Church

    • The Christianization of the Roman Empire
    • The Bishops of Rome
    • The Golden Age of Papal Power
    • The Inquisition
    • The Reformation Period

    This Briefing Package explores the tragic misconceptions and surprising implications of the history of the church: the violence, injustice, and false worship imposed on a desperate humanity.

  • The Love of God

    Every major theistic religion in the world encourages its followers to “Love God” which is usually expressed through religious rituals. Christianity alone tells its followers that “God Loves them.” This love is understood and enjoyed through a personal relationship with Him. God’s Love for us creates a Love for God which creates a Love for God’s ways.

  • The Magog Invasion

    For many years we have been following the conventional view of Ezekiel 38 and 39. With the growing tensions between Iran and Israel, these passages are the subject of much current debate. However, the conventional view still leaves a number of puzzling inconsistencies and contradictions. Ezekiel 38 indicates that Israel is dwelling safely and ''without walls.'' Yet, with walls being built and missiles landing each day Israel is hardly dwelling in peace.

  • The Manifesto of our King

    The Sermon on the Mount is the manifesto of our King and the platform of the Prince of Peace. And it's the Law! It goes vastly beyond the Law of Moses. It is the Ten Commandments amplified and expanded. It raises the law to the nth degree.

    As the Law of the Kingdom, it is the highest ethical teaching in the Bible. It will be the law of this world during the Millennium, and then it will find full fruition. Christ will reign on earth in person and will enforce every word of it. The Sermon on the Mount will finally prevail when He whose right it is to rule shall come.