Play-it-again! 66/40 Playlist

Missed a 66/40 broadcast over the last week? Catch-up now from the playlist below... Latest episode added every Monday to Friday!

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If you would like to have 66/40 on your local radio station, then please feel free to give them our email address,, and we will be delighted to issue them with a FTP login to download the programs. 

We operate our broadcasts on a barter system only. We do NOT impose any charge for our radio content neither do we offer payment for airtime. We have found that this enables us to provide high quality content without the worry of increasing our cost for production. We have found that distributing our content in this manner, leaves the provision for our ministry solely in God's capable hands. We believe that GOD will ultimately provide, as he has done in the past, and anything that we do to assist this process, only limits what HE will do.

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