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Topical Bible Study: Islam

With the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, it has become of paramount importance to understand the origin, nature, and agenda of Islam. While there is no intent here to impugn the many peace-loving Muslims with the aggressive actions of the militant leadership, it is critical to recognize this most threatening challenge to Christians, Jews, and to Western civilization.


Strategic Trends - The Rise Of Islam

Perspective is our most valuable asset! Details are easily acquired when you know which questions are relevant. Trends are everything! We need to understand the trends underway to make intelligent decisions.

The Roots of War, Part 1: The Islamic Conquests

After the death of Mohammed, Islam spread through the Middle East largely by conquest as wealthy caliphs moved east and west. Eventually, the Byzantine Empire and many parts of the Roman Empire were taken by Islamic armies.

A Legacy of Hate: Jihad in America

Chuck Missler discusses the issues involved in the attacks on America on September 11, and reviews the Islamic teachings that would encourage certain Muslim groups to do damage to America.

The Modern History: Behind the Middle East Crisis

An overview of the recent history of Israel, along with the various issues at stake in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Update: The Latest G2 from Avi Lipkin

Avi talks about fanatical Islam's invasion techniques and how they are being put into effect in Canada, the EU and in the U.S.

World Affairs Update: Nuclear Iran

Chuck examines the startling evolution of Iran into a nuclear power.

Background Update: The Kurds of Weigh

Chuck Missler examines the history of the Kurdish people, and how this historically significant group may fit into end-time conflicts.

eNews Article: A Wake Up Call

from the July 26, 2005 eNews issue

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eNews Article: The Devil We Know

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eNews Article : Wahhabism in the US

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eNews Article: Jihad in New Jersey?

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eNews Article: European Culture Clash

from the November 16, 2004 eNews issue

eNews Article: Is Europe Becoming Islamic?

from the September 28, 2004 eNews issue

eNews Article: Ministering To Muslims

from the September 07, 2004 eNews issue

Nuclear/Biological Terrorism: The Mideast Threat

Avi Lipkin and John Loeffler exam the state of the Middle East, as well as current and future threats against American soil from nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

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