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Topical Bible Study: Bible Codes

Provocative and controversial, the Bible Codes continue to generate controversy throughout the religious and scientific communities. Everything from equidistant letter sequences to the very shapes and frequency of occurrence of certain letters can be used to find puzzling and illuminating codes hidden within the very text of the ancient scriptures!!

Join Chuck Missler as he examines the many ways in which the Bible can be seen as so much more than just a book. It appears to be in fact an integrated message system communicating to us from outside our time domain.


The Bible Codes

Chuck Missler begins his examination of possible hidden Bible Codes, and how the ancient texts contain messages based on both basic and advance cryptological methods.

The Bible Codes

Chuck Missler gives an early introduction to the exciting subject of Equidistand Letter Sequences (ELS) and hidden codes in the Bible books of Genesis, Isaiah, and Jeremiah.

The Appointed Times

Chuck Missler explorers the fascinating subject of equidistant letter sequences and hidden codes with the very text of the Bible.

Beloved Numerologist

Chuck Missler explores the fascinating subject of hidden numerical codes and repetitive sequences in the Bible. The Heptadic Structure and Gemetria are discussed.

The First Cryptanalyst

Chuck Missler relates the story of Daniel's deciphering the mysterious 'handwriting on the wall' in Nebuchadnezzar's royal ballroom.

The Book of Exodus

Chuck Missler reveals the potential for a number of macrocodes hidden in Exodus, and encourages us towards deeper study of this second book of the Bible.

Our Holographic Bible

Chuck Missler examines the holographic (3-Dimensional) nature of the Bible, and how our understanding of advanced scientific concepts actually INCREASES our understanding of the Bible!

The Gospel in Genesis

Chuck Missler examines the occurrence of amazing hidden codes within the very text of the book of Genesis that foretell the coming of Jesus Christ as the Messiah

The Bible in Shorthand?

Chuck Missler explores the significance of short-hand writing in the Bible - verbatim quotations of Jesus and Paul, and short hand marking Jesus as the 'Alpha and Omega' in the Old Testament.

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