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Everything in life is “Father-filtered”. Chuck used to say that all the time. Sometimes I remember the words of Jesus in the book of John chapters 14–17 about his love for us or Matthew 6:25 about how not to worry but often, I have to confess, I don’t. Paul even reemphasizes this concept of God being for us and life being “Father-filtered” in Romans 8:28 saying, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Despite the frequency of God’s reminder of his love for us, I find these easy to read, but in the darkness of trials, hard to let sink in.

Then there are days on the other end of the spectrum that everything is sunshine, and I exclaim, “Thank goodness God is still in the miracle working business!” A weekly faith builder for the team and I is the K-house staff prayer time. We cover every request that is sent to the ministry every Wednesday morning. We get many kinds of requests and opportunities to pray for our ministry supporters and friends. We actively practice walking out our faith with an active and living God, which is the ultimate adventure of life. How can we pray for you? (Contact us)

I remember one time Chuck told a joke about a man who bought a chain saw and went home and tried it only to come back to the store frustrated at his lack of results. The store owner sent him back home to try one more time and the guy still worked a full day with very little results. Upon returning to the store again the store owner took the chain saw out back and started it up to see if he could figure out what the problem was and the customer exclaimed, “what’s that noise!’

Are you starting the chainsaw of your spiritual life? Today, what issues are heavy on your heart? Philippians 4:6 reminds us “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Many Christians live out their faith in such a way that they are shocked when they actually see God work. Should we not instead be shocked when we do not see answers to prayer? Being students of the word of God with Chuck Missler has made us no longer well-adjusted Bible students. We should definitely know better than to be surprised by the work of God in our physical lives.

I’ve been corresponding with a wonderful lady from Miami named Liliana, who is one of our faithful supporters. Several months ago she sent me a great testimony of God’s healing power and protection in her life.

Hi Gunnar,

I started listening to Dr. Chuck Missler at the beginning of 2015 and have grown closer to God getting to know His word and understanding of the connection between the Old and New Testaments through his teachings.

I now really understand what Jesus did for me and all the ones who believe in Him. Also, I now feel and see His love for me, as learning His word through Dr. Missler studies has giving me hunger and thirst for Jesus, for His presence in my life, for becoming a better person so I can represent Him well around the people I interact with. I’ve learned that he wants my heart! I now want to be obedient to Him because I love Him and because I know He knows best what is best for me.

Here is a significant part of my life story. In the year 2016 YHWH healed me from a severe rheumatoid disease that I suffered from since I was 12 years old; I had to take an immune suppressor medication for over 15 years to control the symptoms of that disease. That medication didn’t allow my immune system to produce defenses. I had to be very careful to avoid getting sick because anything could become chronic and end up in death. In September 2016 I got an intestine infection very bad; doctors didn’t really know what caused it and they wanted to take me into surgery right away, but when the surgeon heard my medical history and found out that I was on Enbrel — the medication for the rheumatism — decided not to operate, because the infection would spread all over my body as soon as he would opened me due to the immune system being suppressed. He gave me 4 different types of antibiotics and sent me home to do epsom salt baths with hot water to see if the infection would drain out of my body. He wasn’t sure that it would happen, and he also knew that I could die in about 72 hours if that infection would spread over my body.

I went home and started doing the doctors directions. The doctor didn’t tell me the degree of danger I was in at that moment. He told me to wait a few days to see if it drains, so later he could better operate.

I called my family in Colombia and they convinced me to go there to be treated; I was finally able to fly there 2.5 weeks later; my mom took me immediately to the doctors, who decided to take me into surgery right away; however it took 5 more days before the surgery due to the tests and preparation for the anesthesia. Surgeon cleaned up all the intestine and removed the fistula, but couldn’t seal me, so I had to stay with an open wound for about 15 days until it closed by itself. God healed me just in time.

The same week that I had the intestine infection, YHWH also protected me from being robbed. Since I didn’t know that I was that sick, I went to work in a gig my team and I had. We are professional dancers and circus artists; we were hired by a client to do entertainment for kids during a family event for his app’s launching. The client rented a warehouse on the border of Overtown and Wynwood. When I got there I felt a negative spirit, which was the reason I went to pray in seclusion; the Holy Spirit guided me to pray for protection. After I came out of it, I saw the place was full of demonic objects, so I understood why I felt the negative spirts. I left my purse along with my apartments keys at the trunk of my car; I only had my phone to take photos, I kept it all the time with me and I never gave it to any one.

We were about to finish our performance, when the DJ asked who lost the keys he was showing. I immediately recognized that they were my apartment keys; in that moment something really strange happened to me, as I was there but at the same time I was higher seeing two different scenarios: one, I saw myself in fear thinking that someone had broken into my car and worrying because I had $400 cash in my purse — the payment from that gig and the tithes I was bringing to church after the event.

The other one, I saw myself super calm, in peace and I heard a voice who said: “Do not fear, you are protected because you are God’s daughter”, so as soon as I heard that I replied: “Yes, I’m God’s daughter and I’m protected by God”. I approached the DJ to claim my keys; he told me to go check the car because the trunk was opened. Once I got there, it was already closed. I opened it and saw my purse. I took it, closed the car and went back to the event.

Half way there, a homeless man intercepted me and told me he was the one who saw two guys breaking into my car, so he approached them and they dropped the keys and left right away. He also told me to check inside my purse to see that he didn’t steal anything. I replied that I believed him; he kept asking me to check, so I decided to give him something as a way to thank him for protecting my personal belongings, and I reached out to my wallet and saw that the $400 were there. I gave him some money and he asked me if I believe in God; I replied yes, I’m a Christian and he asked me to pray for him. In that moment I heard the voice inside me again who said: “Pray in English and look into his eyes”, so I did. He told me that he didn’t know how to read, but he learned only to get to know God. He read about Moses and his law. So I asked him if he knew who Jesus Christ is, he replied he didn’t know, so I told him that Jesus was everything that God promised us through Moses, and I started praying. He interrupted me and asked me to pray for more people to reach out without fear as I did. After that I blessed him and I finally came back to the event.

My team was a bit concerned about me, but were relieved when they saw me. We all left together, but I drove alone. Two blocks after leaving, I felt like the courage, calm and peace I had left me and I started crying like a baby, realizing the experience I went through.

God encouraged me to use my testimony and to always remember that HE is watching over me and all His people!

Today I’m totally healed from the rheumatoid disease; I’m completely off of any medication and my body is in the best condition. I experienced the scripture that says: God makes everything to work for the good of those who are called accordingly to His purpose. I’m totally in love of Him and I’m hungry for His word. I experienced Him in a way that I want more of Him. The healing process happened progressively as He also healed my heart, emotions and mind!

God bless you.

Now that is a fun testimony of God’s goodness, mercy and healing. You never know when the Lord is going to use your life circumstances to be a witness for Him. Thank you for sharing your story with us Lilliana.

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