Dear Friends

From the President of Koinonia House

Over the past few years of working with Chuck Missler, people have asked me, “What will happen to Koinonia House when he is gone?” With Chuck’s official retirement announced more than two years ago, we at Koinonia House have been busily engaged in putting in place a structure that would serve this ministry for years to come. We have considered this pending phase by examining this process as revealed in Scripture and as attempted by other Christian organizations.

We have found that there are generally two models for ministry continuation experiences that we can draw from. The first is that of replication. This style of ministry transfer assumes that the method of ministry can and will be transferred from one person to another — just as Moses was followed by Joshua and Elijah was followed by Elisha. Our natural problem here is … there was only ONE Chuck Missler.

The second type of ministry continuation is that of reproduction. Here we see the model of producing disciples that then in turn create disciples, that then in turn create disciples, and so on. We believe this reproduction model of ministry continuation is the one Jesus Himself followed. In fact, the whole idea of the Body of Christ is manifested in diversity, and subsequent strength, within His Church today.

The mission of Koinonia House is still to provide tools and encouragement to the Body of Christ so that its members can be fully equipped for every good work. Our prayer is that Chuck’s life, ministry, and message will energize the lives of those who have found the same excitement that the Bible is “Sixty-six books written by forty authors over two thousand years and yet we find that it is an integrated message system from outside our time domain.”

In HIS service,
Ron Matsen