Angels Part 2: The Invisible War


There exists an intense invisible warfare that profoundly impacts the world around us. We find it is alluded to throughout the Scriptures and it appears to reflect our current geopolitical realities.

There continues to be a caldron ready to boil over in the Middle East: the entire world is sending troops and supercarriers to the Persian Gulf region, anticipating a major confrontation over the emergence of nuclear weapons in Iran. Iran’s trump card is not just its nuclear capability but rather its opportune location next to the very narrow, very important Strait of Hormuz, through which no less than 40% of the world’s seaborne oil passes. As the U.S. leaves Iraq, Iran is ready and waiting to fill the void and extend its regional influence.

So where’s the next turf war? A shaky Syria, where the Iranian-Saudi-U.S. balance of power will continue to play out? Or will it involve the emergent eruptions of the Muslim Brotherhood exploiting vacuums of power in the numerous fiefdoms throughout the Islamic world?

Pessimists dominate the informed sources throughout the geopolitical and financial worlds. (The distinction between the optimist and the pessimist is that the pessimist is the one with more information! As Dr. Edward Teller once quipped to me, “The optimist is the one who thinks the future is uncertain.”1)

But to the informed investigator, there is an overriding invisible war that continues to dominate the geopolitical and financial realities, and is the primary determinant of the actual outcomes which eclipse all other aspects that impact our lives, our families, and our personal careers and well-being. But our assessments here require a more sophisticated perception than is normally applied.

[See our article in last month’s issue for background on the “boundaries of our reality” and the realm of the “Metacosm,” where this invisible war plays out.]

Biblical Angels

Last month we learned that angels can materialize, take people by the hand,2 eat meals with mankind,3 and indulge in combat.4 Some have even entertained them unawares.5 Some fallen angels have even been guilty of producing hybrids—Nephlim, the “fallen ones”—that led to, among other things, the flood of Noah’s day6 (not the first, incidentally). These strange activities are confirmed several times in the New Testament.7 And there is now reason to anticipate even more of these bizarre occurrences emerging on our near horizon. Furthermore, poor spiritual hygiene can inadvertently grant access to demons and other diabolical creatures and cause astonishing misery to the unwary.8 This is typically the result of dabbling in the occult, or pursuing forbidden mysteries and practices.

The Invisible War

Perhaps the most disturbing discovery in this realm is that there exists an intense warfare within the Metacosm and it profoundly impacts the apparent world around us. We find it is alluded to throughout the Scriptures9 and it appears to reflect itself upon all of our contemporary geopolitical realities.

To the informed observer, the current rise of Islam is conspicuously more than just a passing trend. Its Satanic oppression of women, as predicted in the Garden of Eden,10 is an informative characteristic of this worship of the “Moon God” that suborns every mosque throughout the world today. The deceits promulgated by the global media are also the craftsmanship of the “Prince of the power of the air.”11 It is informative that even during the days of Daniel,12 the invisible warfare behind the geopolitical realities also involved Iran (“Persia”) and resulted in the subsequent rise and fall of the global empires of that day. And this war still continues today!

Our personal response to these cosmic challenges is just as crucial to the outcomes in our lives as it was to Daniel in his day! There was a direct link between Daniel’s 21 days of fasting and the resultant victory over the “Prince of (the power of) Persia.”

Is there a “Prince of (the power behind) the United States”? Is there a (dark) spiritual dimension to the emergence of a totally unknown, unqualified, non-achiever—who demonstrated a hateful antipathy to everything that America was traditionally committed to—becoming the most powerful man in the world today?

The world is plunging into a time of global crisis: Europe; the Middle East; the United States… the entire global system is being challenged for its own survival. And global challenges imply a global solution. This seems to be setting the stage for global regime changes for their ostensible solution. Precisely what the Bible has predicted all along.

And the impact of our own personal spiritual hygiene has more of an impact on the global outcomes than we can possibly imagine! We need to avoid debilitating entanglements; and, further, we need to thoroughly equip ourselves with the seven essential elements of the whole Armor of God.13 (Not just our favorite pieces; twice Paul emphasizes: “Put on the whole Armor of God.”) Our personal survival depends upon it.

The Bible, from its vantage point from outside the constraints of our physical time dimension, clearly presents the hyper-dimensional realities that surround us and it is imperative that we “do our homework.” We need to understand that we are both the pawns—and the prize—in this continuing cosmic struggle.

Hopefully, these few highlights will prompt you to take these things seriously and to personally undertake an intensive study of these issues. There is, in this issue, a four-part exploration that you might find helpful.


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