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Articles for 2003


The Case for Intelligent Design – A Great New Video!

Is Life Really Worth Living? – The Book of Ecclesiastes:

Making Choices We Don't Feel – Against the Tide

The Wedding Model – Pattern is Prologue: The Rapture, Part 2:


The Beads of Waitangi – Chance or Design?

The Harpazo – A Concluding Review:

Roswell Revisited – Finally, A Smoking Gun:

Exchanging Lives – Against the Tide


Majestic-12 – Lifting the Veil of Secrecy

Our Free Will – Against the Tide:

What Does Post-Saddam Mean? – Middle East Update:

The Ethiopian Expedition – Trip Report:

Understanding Tax Cuts – From Our Mailbag:


The Two Books of Samuel – Foundational Study:

The Empty Tomb – A Surprising Discovery

Post-Flood Nephilim – Continuing Conjectures:

Our Choice is Where Sin Begins – Against the Tide:

Steeling Costa Mesa – Wow-Standing Room Only!


The Geopolitical Landscape of the Middle East – Post-Iraq Assessment:

Our New Spiritual Willpower – Against the Tide:

Sharp Images Blur Physics Concepts – Continuing Upheaval in Science:

The Key to Reaching the Lost – How to Circumnavigate the Human Intellect:


The Feast of Weeks – The Church in the Old Testament?

Spirit of Counsel and Strength – Against the Tide:

Europa Rising: Part I – Profiles in Prophecy Series:

The Lost Shipwreck of Paul – Miracle at Malta:


National Security Forum – Trip Update:

Europa Rising: Part II – Profiles in Prophecy Series:

Not Only a Faith Choice, But a Faith Walk – Against the Tide:

The Main Roadblock to Peace – Middle East Update:


Europa Rising: Part III – The 'New Europe' Arises

A Visit to Angola Prison – A Life-Changing Experience:

Mars Getting Closer to Earth – Mysteries of Mars:

Single-mindedness vs. Double-mindedness – Against the Tide:


Europa Rising: Part IV – The New Challenges:

The Mysteries of Pi and e – Fundamental Constants?

The Myth of Socialization – Back to School?

Single-mindedness vs. Double-mindedness Part 2 – Against the Tide:


The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah – Exemplary Leadership:

What's in a Name? – Nomenclature Revealed:

Faith Choices – Against the Tide:

An Invitation to the Occult? – Halloween:

Our Most Unique Donation Ever – For Our Racing Enthusiasts:


What Happens When You Die? – Your Ultimate Appointment:

Why Six Days? – Part One of a Series:

Other Anchors Aboard? – The Lost Shipwreck of Paul:

Against the Tide: Our Essential M and Ms – Nan's Corner:


Other Anchors Aboard? – The Story Continues:

Knowing God Loves Us – Against the Tide:

Who Were the Magi? – A Christmas Surprise:

Whence Our 'Reality'? – Part Two of a Series: