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Articles for 1996


As The Days of Noah Were – Return of the Aliens?

Meshech-Tubal Tensions with Syria – From Our Private Modem:

How Do Our Lives Become Transformed? – Be Ye Transformed:


The Gospel in Genesis – A Hidden Message

The Day the Sun Stood Still? – A Challenge for Today:

Middle East Instability – From Our Private Modem:

The Month of February – Calendar Notes:

What Is Mind Renewal & Why Is It So Important? – Be Ye Transformed


The Unexpected King – Palm Sunday Surprise:

False START? – Magog Positioning:

No Mind Change, No Life Change! – Be Ye Transformed:


The Most Painful Sin – A Friendly Whisper:

I Hear It Said – A Poem:

How Does God Bring About Mind Renewal? – Be Ye Transformed:


Freud's Legacy – Deceitful Model?:

The Feast of Harvest – Hag Ha Kazir:

What Is Our Mind? (Pt. I) – Be Ye Transformed:


Daffy Gaddafi: At It Again – On the Shores of Tripoli:

Brave New Schools – An OBE Update:

What Is Our Mind? (Pt. II) – Be Ye Transformed:


Magog Arming – Cold War Over?

Double-mindedness vs. Single-mindedness – Be Ye Transformed:


Our Desperate Warfare – A Personal Challenge:

Was Columbus Jewish? – Mysteries Behind Our History:


Our Quest for Truth – The Armor of God:

What Is the Mind of Christ? (Intro) – Seven Fold Spirit of God


What Is the Mind of Christ? (Pt. I) – Seven Fold Spirit of God

The Breastplate of Righteousness – The Armor of God:


The Kurds of Weigh – Background Update:

The Mind of Christ (Pt. II) – Seven Fold Spirit of God

Footwear For the Big Race – The Armor of God:

Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding – The Mind of Christ:

Just One Vote – An Election Challenge:


Intrigues with Iraq – Secret deals:

The Mind of Christ (Pt. III) – Seven Fold Spirit of God

The Shield of Faith – The Armor of God: