Five plays to combat the occultism of the Halloween season

One of the strangest episodes recorded in the Word of God is King Saul's consulting a witch (after having ostensibly cleansed the land of Israel from this occultic practice). The Halloween 'holiday' seems like an appropriate time to review the implications of this puzzling tale.

Several years ago, we sponsored a contest for the best script of Saul and the Witch of Endor, a Biblically based play suitable for high-schoolers or youth groups as a Halloween alternative. The entries were judged on three criteria, in the following order:

  1. Biblical accuracy,
  2. Suitability for high school production, and
  3. Creativity and dramatic appeal.

The four scripts listed below were chosen as our prize winners. Each script is different in its approach, yet still meets the three criteria listed above. Feel free to print out and copy any one of these plays for production by your church or youth group. God bless your theatrical ministry!

(The fifth script was written by a Berean Online Fellowship member and fits with the criteria above, except it was made for grade school use.)