I think it is essential to recognize that you are in a warfare—a spiritual warfare—and to approach it as a warrior. I suggest an intensive study of Ephesians 6:10-18 is an essential prelude to any undertaking. Twice Paul warns us to "put on the whole armor of God"—not just our favorite pieces. He details seven pieces. What are they?

Realize also that this must be done before—not during—the battle. Study each element in list and take them seriously.

What does he mean by being "girt about with truth? How do you certify the reality behind today's news? How do you validate the foundational presuppositions underlying your "world view?" How do you recognize—and deal with—disinformation that we are continually bombarded with?

Where do you get your breastplate of righteousness? Are we talking about personal integrity? Or theological justification? Or both?

Are your feet properly shod? What is the "preparation of the Gospel of Peace?" How do you go about it?

Does your shield of faith have holes in it? You must repair it before—not during—the battle! How do you practically go about this?

What shape is your helmet of salvation in? How secure is the believer? Can one lose his/her salvation?

Do you know how to use the sword of the Spirit—the Word of God? A battle sword requires special training and lots of practice!

And don't forget your heavy artillery: prayer. You have a 24-hour hot line directly to the Throne Room of the entire universe. Learn to use it.

Undertake a serious study of Ephesians 6:10-18. It is an essential prerequisite to any/all spiritual warfare—not just the undertaking of a home Bible study.