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The Denizens of the Metacosm

Angels Volume 3

The Metacosm is the domain of transdimensional creatures such as angels (fallen and unfallen), demons, and—surprisingly—UFOs and other ostensibly hybrid forms encountered in the Scriptures.

As we have in our previous articles explored the limits of the boundaries of our reality, and recognized the limitations of the Macrocosm[1] as well as the limits of the Microcosm,[2] and thus highlighted that our reality is but “a shadow of a larger reality,”[3] we have dubbed this exterior hyperspace as the “Metacosm.”

The Metacosm is the domain of transdimensional creatures such as angels (fallen and unfallen), demons, and—surprisingly—UFOs and other ostensibly hybrid forms encountered in the Scriptures.[4]

The Frustrations of Astrobiology

Science is the study of evidence; however, astrobiology hasn’t found any evidence to study. Despite extensive searching, there isn’t any actual evidence of life beyond the Earth. Don’t confuse wishful thinking with evidence. This “science” has yet to demonstrate that its subject matter exists. This isn’t science: it is a priesthood.[5]

To even pursue its search is a denial of the conspicuous mathematical requirements for life to exist.

The “Anthropic Principle” has catalogued over 140 quantifiable characteristics each of which must fall within extremely narrow ranges for physical life to exist.[6] There are over 400 quantifiable characteristics for advanced life to exist. When you recognize that many of these factors individually require a precision of less than 1 part per million, their composite effect constitutes a very good definition of a “miracle.” At the centroid of these puzzling pursuits is one of the most elusive issues of all…

The UFO Paradox

The very existence of UFOs continues to confound the most dedicated investigators. On the one hand (after dismissing the massive volumes of hoaxes, misinformation—and deliberate disinformation), the diligent researcher discovers authentic, verified, incidents of events that leave tangible evidence behind: burnt ground, radioactivity, etc. They frequently are tracked simultaneously on multiple radars and clearly evidence sentient formation flying.

However, they also violate physical laws: they are tracked at astonishing speeds, faster than the speed of sound without sonic booms; making right-angle turns at absurd velocities, and materializing and dematerializing at will. The leading experts have concluded that they are trans-dimensional—not intergalactic as was earlier presumed.

To further complicate the tangled web of authenticated reports and knowledgeable insights, we also discover that this area of research enjoys a military classification that exceeds that of our most sensitive weapons systems!

Why should the events which occurred at Roswell, New Mexico, 66 years ago still be classified? And has the fabled “Majestic 12” been superseded by a subsequent brain trust (hidden behind the deliberate disinformation clouding MJ–12)?

The Vatican Expectations

And now we discover that there are astonishing preparations underway to receive an “Alien Visitor.” (By what many consider the most exclusive club in the world!)

As the astronomical aficionados among us are well aware, Mt. Graham in southeastern Arizona has become the center of the most advanced astronomical facilities. It is the location of the Large Binocular Telescope,[7] the Submillimeter Telescope, [8] and the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT).[9] The VATT is part of the Mount Graham International Observatory and is operated by the Vatican Observatory, one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world, in partnership with the University of Arizona.

The implications of this astonishing development have been outstandingly treated in a recent book, Exo-Vaticana, by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam, which we strongly recommend. It is the most scholarly treatment of what has to be the most challenging research quest imaginable.

The Ultimate Delusion

What seems to be emerging on our near horizon is a gigantic, climactic, delusion. Jesus warned us that “if it were possible it would deceive the very elect.”[10] Paul also warns us that “for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe [the] lie.”[11]

I believe it is useless to attempt to guess what it will turn out to be; however, we are to “…be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.” (Ephesians 6:10).

Let’s really prepare for the exciting times that are coming! Maranatha, indeed!

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