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Israel Trip Report:

My wife and I are coming to the end of our three-month sojourn in the Land of Israel. We left Coeur d’Alene after our KI International Conference in late October and soon met a bus load of new friends who were joining us for our 2010 Issachar Tour.

Our Issachar Tour takes place every fall. Its purpose is to not only give our travelers the opportunity to taste and see the Land of Israel, but also to give them a strategic perspective of the Israel of today. This focus requires that we go beyond the normal tour sites in order to see with our own eyes today’s Israel.

On this trip we visited an IDF outpost on the Lebanese border, as well as a tank base on the Golan Heights. We were hosted in the Knesset by one of the Likud MK’s, Danny Danon. We also made our annual visit to Ramat David, the elite air force base located in the Valley of Armageddon. We were able to view the F-16s taking off and landing, as well as hear from the commander of the base regarding the logistics of defending Israel.

This tour arranges Israeli speakers to address our group, some are believers in Yeshua and others are not. It is our desire to hear what is going on in Israel through their voices and not just the ramblings of a runaway media that desires to shape opinion rather than to inform. This year’s Issachar speakers were: Amir Tsarfati, Dr. Alexander Bligh, Yaniv Bar, and MK Danny Danon, as well as the Commanders of both Ramat David Air Force Base and the elite Tank Base located on the Golan Heights. Some of these speakers have Shin Bet and Mossad ties.

This tour is not for everyone, but for those who have been to the Land and want to continue to stay updated with the Israel of today, then this tour is a MUST!

While in Jerusalem we were blessed to meet Gilad Shalit’s parents in the protest tent outside of Bibi Netanyahu’s residence, and we shared with them our commitment as Believers in Yeshua to pray for Gilad’s release. [For more information on what KI is doing in regards to Gilad Shalit, please see the youtube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duFX0HBhUdM and email Danene Vincent at key-limed@cox.net.]

As always, this Issachar tour was a rich and relevant experience!

Following this tour, we began the second part of our 90-day trek as we began to put together the foundation of what we are calling KDC—Israel. All of us at KI are praying about establishing Koinonia Discipleship Centers in both New Zealand as well as in Israel. You undoubtedly are aware of what Chuck and Nan are doing in New Zealand, but our Israel work is just in the planning stages.

The best picture I can give of what we are doing here in the Land is that of putting together a jigsaw puzzle. For me, I find that the best way to complete a jigsaw is to first separate all the straight edges and find the four corners and then put the border together. That was the assignment the Lord gave us—to find the four corners and start putting the outside border together and not to worry about the inside pieces of the jigsaw at this time! So, we have been looking for places to stay, the best way to get around, as well as where there might be opportunities to serve. And my, what an amazing time we have had; there are so many opportunities and open doors that we need to ask the Lord to help us sort out the ones that He has for us because I know we can’t walk through every door!

Currently, we are looking to start KDC—Israel later this year and will carve up the experience into four segments. The first will be in the Galilee, then we will go up to Jerusalem, followed by a desert experience and then back to the Galilee. Please keep this in your prayers. There will be more information to come, so if you would like to be on our list to be notified of any new developments in this project, please email me at dan@studycenter.com.

As we have been going from place to place here in Israel, I have been filming short teaching videos and writing a daily blog. On Monday mornings at K-House I lead a devotional study for the volunteers, which we call The Young Lions Club. Each Monday we do our best to record this study and post it on our Study Center site. Because of the amazing ability of the iPhone 4, we have been able to continue our Monday morning time, even though I am thousands of miles away. We have been filming Young Lion Videos on site here in Israel. At the end of this article I will include the links so you can see with your own eyes what we have been up to here in the Land.

And as I mentioned, I have also been blogging, a challenge given to me by both Marcie Matsen and my good friend Ben Courson. It was a few months ago when I was at a service at Applegate Christian Fellowship that I heard Ben teaching about numbering his days! His text was from Psalm 90:12 and after hearing his message I felt as though the Holy Spirit gave me that same challenge, so I set up a blog at the following site: http://younglionsclub.wordpress.com/2010/11/13/november-13-2010/. It has been a blessing for me to jot down some thoughts each night before I hit the sack…as I number my days. I hope you visit this site, but my greatest desire is that you would be-gin doing your own blogging and that you would number your days!

In closing, I want to invite you to come to Israel with us this March for our Berean Tour. Chuck Missler will be joining us as we walk the Land together, teaching at different sites, and most evenings you can treat yourself to a time of Q&A with Chuck. We are also blessed to have Jane Ben-Ari and Yaniv Bar as our guides; these two are two of the best that Israel has to offer! This tour is filling up quickly and offers an extension to Petra, so don’t delay—get signed up. In all sincerity a trip to the Holy Land will change your life!

For more information, just email my wife at sharon@khouse.org.


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