Recent Articles

  • Leadership for the End Times

    In the turbulent times we find ourselves in, good Christian leadership becomes paramount. The Biblical teachings provide us with timeless wisdom and guidance on how to lead effectively, especially in challenging and uncertain periods.
  • The Last Days

    The end of the world. It’s been a question in the heart of man for millennia. We all want to know how much longer we have - and what will happen at the end of days.
  • The Book of Leviticus - The Foreshadowing of Jesus?

    What is your expectation when you think of this book? Is it a legalistic legacy from the Law or maybe just a relic of the Hebrew ritualistic worship of their God?
  • Goodbye to Amazon

    In addition to our website on store.khouse.org, Koinonia House launched an additional materials outlet on Amazon in 2016.

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