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Articles for 2018


Testimony and Encouragement – The Legacy Project

Seven Letters to Seven Churches – Excerpt


America Divided – Similar To Today! – History Lesson

Testimony from Norway – The Legacy Project


The Book of Daniel: Daniel 9 – Bible Study

Testimony – The Legacy Project


Koinonia House – Version 2.0 – The Legacy Project

Passover – Feasts of Israel


Israel’s Right to the Land – History Lesson

A Testimony – The Legacy Project


Dear Friends – From the President of Koinonia House

My Dad – Remembrance

My Dad – Remembrance

My Friend – Remembrance

Dr. Chuck Missler: A Retrospective – Remembrance

Chuck Missler – Remembrance

Chuck Missler – Remembrance

Chuck Missler, Father to a Family of Bereans – Remembrance

Remembering Chuck – Remembrance

Chuck Missler – The Legacy Project


Heaven & Hell – Excerpt

Tradition – Exploring the Roots of Church Traditions


Communist Goals for America – History Lesson

Tradition – Part 2 – Exploring the Roots of Church Traditions

Testimony: Liliana – The Legacy Project