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The World’s Finest Woman

by Dr. William P. Welty

The community of Christian faith worldwide knows her as the finest woman who ever lived. Born in obscurity to a distant descendant of Israel’s magnificent King David, Christians believe Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth, was honored by the Creator of the Universe to be the person through whom God himself would visit his own Creation, reconciling his people to himself.

No matter what you may have thought you knew before about this first century paragon of virtue and faith, there is a good possibility you have been misinformed about her. In fact, chances are you have been wrong from the start about the most remarkable woman who ever walked the dusty roads of first century Israel during the height of the Roman Empire’s domination over the Middle East.

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The Mystery Woman

by Dr. Chuck Missler

The Second Epistle of John is among the most neglected books of the New Testament. It, like his third epistle, is simply a short personal letter from the Apostle. There is little doubt that the Apostle John was the author, but there are a number of conjectures as to whom it was written: someone called “the Elect Lady.”

(This article contains a conjecture that would seem to have no support from the extensive list of commentaries which have been consulted; however, bear with us and judge for yourself.)

The Recipient

The letter is addressed eklekte kuria, “the Elect Lady,” and her children. Kuria is a feminine proper name; but eklekte is a strange construction, never assigned to any other individual in the New Testament as a single predicate. There are two prevailing views among the abundance of expositors…

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Beyond Perception

by Dr. Chuck Missler

The Boundaries of Reality

Ἕστιν δὲ πίστις ἐλπιζομένων ὑπόστασις πραγμάτων ἔλεγχος οὐ βλεπομένων

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1

In our culture, faith is frowned on as mere imagination — the hopes and wishes of the common man. Evidence is what matters, we are told — and not just any form of evidence. We’re told we can only “know” things after they have been demonstrated time and again through stringent scientific method, and even then future experiments might change up what we thought was true.

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Judging a Book by its Cover?

by Ron Matsen

Sometimes discoveries are made in areas where you least expect them. Such was the case in early April 2016 as we pre-released the cover art for Dr. William Welty’s new book Mary, Ten Test Questions for the World’s Finest Woman.

For the cover we wanted to portray an image of this woman in an uncharacteristic way. Our Koinonia House Art Director, Dean Packwood, created an amazing depiction of Mary, the mother of Jesus. As no one actually knows what Mary looked like, Dean used the facial structure from the Shroud of Turin (which is assumed by some to be an image of Christ) and produced a forensic reconstruction of how she may have appeared. He recorded the development of his creation from a blank canvas to the final product. We then shared that video on our Facebook page and uploaded it to YouTube. Personally I thought he did an amazing job and felt that people would enjoy watching a true work of art being created by a world-class artist.

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