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Golgotha: Searching for the True Location of Christ’s Crucifixion

by Bob Cornuke

Open Tombs

Our van stopped in front of a crumbling concrete wall spray painted with Islamic symbols and stained with bleeding rust. I slowly opened the car door, its hinges squeaking loudly in protest. Stepping from the vehicle, I heard the sound of broken shards of glass crunch under my descending boot along with distant shouting. The commotion seemed to be coming my way.

A nearby heap of burning trash wafted sour-smelling smoke. A sudden gust of hot wind sent smoldering haze up past second story windows where women wearing headscarves glared down at me.

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The Forgotten Christians

by Dr. Steve Elwart

There has been much attention paid to the plight of Christians in places like Syria, Iraq and Pakistan. Story after story has been told of atrocities against these people solely because of their faith. There is one group, however, from whom we seldom hear.

Those are the Christians of Iran. Fortunately, there are a few people who have been able to give voice to that forgotten group.

When one thinks of Iran, one’s thoughts immediately turn to the mullahs. As a country, many think of Iran as a monolithic radical country who all think alike, act alike and all hate the West. In truth, if the mullahs were ever to take their foot off the neck of their people, millions of Muslims would convert to Christianity as they have had enough of oppression and violence from their religious leaders and have seen the oppression that comes with Islam.

The “everyman” in Iran is not nearly as anti-Western as one would be made to believe, at least when the cameras are off and they are in the privacy of their homes and “away from the craziness” as one former Iranian has said. Many Iranians were happy when the revolution came because of the abuses of the Shah, but quickly became disillusioned and longed for some sanity.

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The Feasts of Israel

by Dr. Chuck Missler

The anti-Semitism of the early Church is one of the great tragedies of history. While the teachings of Jesus came straight from the Hebrew Scriptures, a backlash against ritualistic devotion to the Law developed into a deliberate attempt to steer away from the Old Testament. Tensions with the Jews led to severe persecution as the Church became a dominant political institution during subsequent centuries. A wedge was driven between Jews and Christians, although both worshipped the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jewish communities developed a staunch resistance to Jesus as the Messiah, and Christians lost the richness of Jewish history and prophecy, the very foundations of faith in Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we need to understand our Jewish roots. Many of the teachings of Christianity take on deeper insight and meaning when we understand them in a Jewish context, and few places is this more clear than in a study of the feasts of Israel. The seven Feasts of Moses are not only commemorative historically as they are observed in Judaism, but every detail of these seven feasts are anticipatory of the person and mission and achievement of the Messiah.

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