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Deuteronomy: The Value of Trust

by Dr. Chuck Missler

In last month’s issue, we began an investigation of Deuteronomy, the final book in the Law of Moses. In this article, we will continue in the first chapter of that incredible book.

Deuteronomy is a record of the words that Moses spoke to the people of Israel just prior to their entering the Promised Land. In fact, the first line of the books states, “These are the words,” giving Deuteronomy is Hebrew title Devarim — “Words.” The original adults who fled Egypt have all passed away, and a new generation has risen up. God is going to give them great victory against their enemies in Canaan, but many temptations are also going to face them. Moses gives the Israelites one last sermon to reiterate God’s instructions for them.

Here we will pick up with verse five, in which Moses begins to speak to the people.

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Contending for the Faith

by Ron Matsen

The Letter of Jude begins with this instruction:

Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.

Jude 1:3

The New Gladiator Games

No one can ignore the amazing access most people have to the information made available through the Internet. From home computers to mobile devices we can post, read, and participate in the online world of digital media. For some, this tool of free exchange of ideas has become a new type of arena for private excitement and public execution. This is where ideology champions carry out their combat, cheered on by their virtual friends in the Social Media Colosseum.

Sadly, Church history is littered with the graves of those who died for having an “unacceptable faith.” The fruit of this intolerance was the bloody persecution of those with different understanding, doctrines or practices. Instead of copying the practices of our enemies who were trying to destroy the work of Christ by throwing the Christians into the Roman Colosseum, we should learn what it really means to “contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.”

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Public Schools and Transgender Policy

by Chris Corlett

This past summer I sat down to lunch with two retired teacher colleagues. After reminiscing about what one friend described as the “Golden Years of Public Education” our conversation turned to our kids and their grandchildren. When I was asked by one of my friends, “Who will be your daughter’s next teacher?” I responded, “Her mother. We are homeschooling her.” After a brief pause they asked the question every homeschooling parent has heard, “Why?” My answer was short and said everything I needed it to say without really saying anything at all. “Public education is not what it used to be.” This article serves as an opportunity to provide to you, my gracious reader, a more thorough insight into my response while addressing one facet of today’s evolving public education system. Today’s public schools are not yesterday’s public schools.


Both the velocity and the ferocity with which the LGBT agenda has infiltrated our public schools are remarkable. When I left the public classroom in 2006, this issue was barely on the radar screen. Within a decade, the topic is among the top few issues facing administrators and education professionals today. The ever-changing statutory and regulatory environment caused by evolving definitions and competing political parties creates an uncertain foundation upon which to develop policy. School districts are generally averse to litigation and prefer policies that avoid costly legal entanglements. This often appeals to community members and taxpayers interested in the best education for the children and the community for the lowest cost. What follows is a review of some of the pressures influencing public policy in our public schools today.

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