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The Book of Acts

The Christian and the Law

A City Without a Country

Issachar Reflections

What Is a Partaker?

Taking the Challenge: The Soldiers Bible Ministry


A Glimpse Into 2012

The Kings of South Asia

The Fruit of the Spirit Is Love

The Hybrid Age

The Life of Christ

Taking the Challenge: Unless They Hear


Redesigning the Church

The Dating of Easter Easter

What Does it Mean to Love God?

The Realm of Angels

The Last Pope?

The Wheat and the Tares


A Cure for the Depression

Financial Terrorism

Angels Part 2: The Invisible War

God's Supernatural Power

A Personal Passover

Weathering the Storm


The Book of Ruth

Faith or Reason? A Logical Explanation for God, Part 1

Food Supply GMO (God Move Over)

God's Promised Land

In the Land Israel: Past and Present

The Kingdom, Power, and Glory God's Supernatural Power, Part 2


Choose This Day: Life or Death

A Logical Explanation For God, Part 2

Messiah: Spirit and Light

Nan's Corner - June Article Our Yielding Imparts God's Strength

The God Of The Second Chance


Nan's Corner - July Article We Have Forsaken All

See Israel Walking the Jesus Trail

World Update Turkey: Center of the New Caliphate

The Church The Death of Discernment

Christian Living Choosing the Higher Road


Special Article In the Year 1492: Sailing Away

Nan's Corner - August Article What Is a True Disciple?

The End Times The Seven Myths of Eschatology

Technology The Future of Warfare

Rise of Islam The Truth of Taqiyya


Nan's Corner - September Article The Faithful and Wise Servants

Bible Study It’s Time to Get Serious

The Land Covenant Should a Christian be a Zionist?

Technology The Implications of 3D Printing

Strategic Trends Advanced Weaponry


Nan's Corner - October Article Faith: The Means Of God’s Power

Koinonia Institute Koinonia Institute’s 2013 Israel Program

Lone Soldiers Honoring an Israeli and American Hero

Strategic Trends The United States Constitution

America 2012 What’s At Stake


Nan's Corner - November Article Faith Is Trusting God

Featured Briefing A Holographic Universe?

A Christian Nation In God We Trust?

Faith of Our Founders A Tale of Two Histories

America 2012 The Problem Is Us

New Briefing Weathering the Coming Storm


The “New Testament” Holiday Happy Hanukkah

Nan's Corner - December Article Faithful Obedience

Strategic Perspectives SP VII Conference Update

Seasonal Study The Symmetry of Snowflakes

Christian Living What Gift Shall I Bring?

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