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Articles for 1995


The Great Snatch? – Questions Continue:

Dinosaur DNA Recovered – Jurrasic Park Revisited:

How Do We Love God Practically (Pt. IV) – Way of Agape:


Missing Mass Mystery – The Enigma Deepens:

The Kurds – An Update:

Beloved Numerologist – Evidence of Design:


Date Setting? – Your Questions Answered By Chuck Missler

Is Light Slowing Down? – More Turmoil in Physics:

The Engine of Power – The Federal Reserve:

Israel's Birthday – The People of Destiny:


Friday or Wednesday? – Your Questions Answered By Chuck Missler

Judgment on the Horizon – Twilight's Last Gleaming?

New Discovery – Temple Update:

The Festive Spring – Prophetic Evidences:


Outbreak! – Global Pestilence:


Ephraem The Syrian – Byzantine Text Discovery:

The Ten Lost Tribes – Mystery of the Myth:

Altering Our Genes – DNA Tampering:


The Book of Revelation – Updated Bible Study:

The Pope Begs Forgiveness! – Surprising Doctrinal Reversal?:


One God or Three? – The Trinity:

Home Schooling – Train Up a Child:


The Genealogy of the Antichrist – Pedigree of the Coming World Leader?

The Feast of Trumpets – Israel's New Year Begins:

Media Madness – Freedom of the Press?