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America’s Challenge

The Encroaching Darkness

by Dr. Chuck Missler

There was a time when God clearly blessed America. However, we then outlawed Him from our schools and public places.

Have you noticed the moral decay pervading your land? Corruption is everywhere: throughout the highest levels of government, in your entertainments, in your schools, even in many of your churches.

Many of those in the corridors of power should be incarcerated for treason. There are leaders who fail to exhibit the most elementary ethical conduct. Legislators that sign bills they haven’t read; executives who are allowed to ignore the laws; judges who reverse juries, amend laws, and indulge in social engineering. The entertainment industry celebrates every imaginable evil and attacks all the family values which God has established for our welfare. And the educational establishment deliberately dumbs down and corrupts your youth.1

There was a day when you could rely on the fiduciary posture of your advisors, counselors, and professionals. Today that would be naïve and hazardous. Every day the litany of unconstitutional abuses continues unabated. Every day self-destructive polices extend their reach. Every day it grows darker. Every day the debts grow larger; they are already beyond any semblance of reality.2

The cancer of entitlement mentality has even infected the middle class. The growing dependence on government handouts ignores the reality that the only assets the government has are yours. To fulfill the growing collective expectations they will increasingly confiscate your assets to fulfill their ambitions.3

The problem with socialism is that you soon run out of other people’s money.

— Margaret Thatcher

A Cloud of Spiritual Darkness

As the centroid of geopolitical power on the Planet Earth continues its shift westbound (abandoning the U.S.), you can also see a cloud of spiritual darkness emerging on your eastern shores. Europe, mired in the grip of socialism, is now also discovering the sinister agenda—and deadly demographics—of Islam. The Middle East continues to boil, continually threatening lives everywhere. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

America likewise has now become the victim of a leadership committed to everything we once abhorred. Every time I pass a military cemetery I’m reminded that it is filled with the bodies of patriots who gave their lives fighting everything our current leadership is now committed to.

Your founders worked very hard to avoid the instabilities of a “democracy”: it was liberty and freedom that garnered their sacrifices. It was a constitutional republic they gave us—but our complacency and apathy has allowed it to get trampled into the dust of myopic expediencies. It is debatable whether it can ever be reestablished. You are now shackled to the chains of debts that can never be repaid.

[If you don’t have a copy of The Founders’ Bible on your family coffee table, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about! Unless you were raised in a military family you probably have only superficial generalities regarding our nation’s founding—and the sacrifices that made our freedoms possible. At least it could give your grandchildren a retrospective glimpse of the nostalgic dream which will soon be forgotten, or only treasured as a distant memory. It’s available from the K-House Online Store.]

The light of freedom is quickly dimming, and you, too, are now heading into the tyranny of a police state and the slavery of debt. Both Washington and Wall Street are desperately trying to create the impression of a recovery. They insist on measuring progress on consumption (CPI) rather than production. The difference—the deficit—is debt. America is now the world’s largest debtor, frantically printing currency expecting that the foreign banks are foolish enough to overlook the eroding values: it’s the “greater fool theory” on steroids.

A Painful Blessing

That sounds like an oxymoron: how can a blessing be painful? It’s the essential puncture of a delusion, like when a child discovers there’s no Santa Claus. Painful, but essential. There comes a time when even patriotism can be an obsolete form of idol worship. When I was in Boy Scouts, it was “God and country”: you didn’t have to choose between the two!

It appears that the time has come when we all need to refocus our personal priorities on the Kingdom that’s coming: we need to reprioritize our personal commitments to the Coming King!

There was a time when God clearly blessed America. However, we then outlawed Him from our schools and public places. We allowed our kids to be taught that the Creation itself was some kind of cosmic accident. We shredded the fundamentals of life—fidelity and mutual commitment—in our marriages and other relationships. Now we wonder why our kids have no sense of destiny. They can’t even find a job.

Has God’s “abandonment wrath” begun? Paul has given us a litmus test which reveals our status: Romans 1:18–32, in which He unveils His specific judgment on any culture that fails to acknowledge Him as Creator!4

What Is our Remedy for the Encroaching Darkness?

Throughout the entire history since Pentecost, small groups of Biblical believers have been struggling to remain faithful to the Word of God but have been oppressed and persecuted by the local religious establishments.5 Even if all the established institutions become prostituted to serve the siren calls of social injustices (and there will be plenty to deal with!), there remains a powerful alternative: but first, we strongly admonish three—in fact, four—steps (three are familiar; the fourth is a surprise):

1) Get serious about your personal commitment to the Coming King! Jesus is not a “concept,” a worthwhile tradition, or a comfortable compromise in a sea of alternatives: He is real, alive and will soon be coming to take His Throne, an appointment established before the foundation of the world.

2) Repair your Biblical illiteracy! Get into a weekly study group committed to the exposition of that supernatural book which may have been gathering dust on your bookshelf.

3) If you’re really serious, commit yourself to an aggressive spiritual growth program with others like-minded. The Internet has now made all of man’s knowledge only a few clicks away! And the spiritual resources now available are life-changing: the Koinonia Institute is a unique think-tank with committed members anxious to meet you.

But there’s another opportunity entirely. “Irreducible complexity” is an insight developed by Michael Behe.6 In its most basic form, ministry is composed of three essential components: 1) Education, 2) Experience, and 3) Enablement.

The Koinonia Institute has been providing an effective alternative for the first two components. The three parallel avenues of study leading to the Gold Medallion are innovative and effective, thanks to the Internet. Practicums and ministry opportunities also address the second component.

It is that third component, “Enablement,” which usually involves either joining a Christian organization, or organizing the personal support to join an organization that requires it. However, there is now a unique alternative: becoming part of a network of independent, individual “spiritual entrepreneurs” working undercover within the coming spiritual darkness.7

4) If you are really, really serious, and are willing to commit yourself all the way to achieving a Gold Medallion within the Koinonia Institute, you can also embark on a self-financing program to establish your own personal ministry as the Lord leads.

For the truly committed, the Koinonia Missionary Fellowship (“KMF”) now offers a unique approach to “Enablement.” It is a “club within a club”: a self-governing gathering of life members committed as “underground” Ambassadors for our Coming King. Each participant can participate in a combined parsonage pool which reimburses expenses in proportion to what he has put in the pool; he has his “own skin in the game.” (This pool is also augmented by supporting donations external to the membership. Only earnings of the pool are employed: the assets remain in the ministry in perpetuity.) The participant is supervised by his own peers (not a remote headquarters fiefdom). He is accountable to his own Personal Advisory Board, individually selected from members of the KMF. Check it out: www.KITrust.org.

Your Own Action Plan

There is a cosmic war now approaching a final climax. You have a significant destiny emerging in the coming turmoil. With a sense of extreme urgency, study, assess, and prepare for the encroaching storm. Pray intensely about it. Pray for discernment and for resolve.


  1. Cf. Berit Kjos, Brave New Schools: with concrete examples from public school materials, Kjos shows how the educational system promotes pagan spirituality, unveils the goals and strategies behind Goals 2000, and provides parental strategies to fight the encroaching occultic acceptance.
  2. $140 trillion at last count, and growing; $16.8 trillion current, national debt, plus $123 trillion unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicaid, and other entitlement programs. Almost $400,000 for every man, woman, and child. The U.S. government borrows four out of every ten dollars it spends.
  3. President Obama signed Executive Order 13603, which authorizes the U.S. government to confiscate from its citizens whatever it feels is necessary.
  4. Three times (Rom 1:24,26, 28) it is God who “gives them over to” that which is not convenient, etc.
  5. E. H. Broadbent, The Pilgrim Church, 1931, Gospel Folio Press, Grand Rapids MI, 1999 edition. A must read for every serious Christian.
  6. “A single system which is composed of several interacting parts that contribute to the basic function, and where the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease functioning.” Michael Behe, Darwin’s Black Box, p.39 in the 2006 edition.
  7. See our concept paper, “The Spiritual Entrepreneur” on www.KITrust.org.

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