“Bringing the world into focus
through the lens of Scripture”


Technical: Creation

The Enigma Deepens: Missing Mass Mystery

Chuck Missler examines the exciting and controversial theories regarding the mass of the universe, missing stars, and how God's creation continues to be supported (not disproved!) by science.

Divine Engineering Unraveling DNA's Design

Dr. Jerry Bergman, professor of science at Northwest College, Archibold (Ohio), discusses DNA, and the incredible role of the genetic code in manufacturing plants and animals cell by cell.

Science and the Bible: Cosmos and Creator

Dr. Mark Eastman relates a brief history of the scientific discoveries that have allowed scientists to rationally discern the existence of God and His nature as revealed in the laws of the universe.

The Nature of Cosmic Reality: Stretching the Heavens

Chuck Missler takes a fresh look at the age of the universe, comparing the first chapter of Genesis with discoveries in the world of Physics.

Elegance by Accident? Chance as the Master Architect?

Chuck Missler considers the 'irreducible complexity' found in nature and argues the foolishness of life's having arisen by blind chance.

Letters from our Readers: Q & A with Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler answers the question, 'What is the Gap Theory, and is it valid?'

Inherit the Wind: Reaping the Whirwind

Jim Perloff details the various ways that the famous production, Inherit the Wind, twisted the truth about the Scopes Trial to favor a particular agenda.

In Awe of Winter: Why Does Ice Float?

Virtually every material substance contracts when it cools. Water is an exception, as water pipes in evidence in the winter. God's amazing design is manifested in everything, including 'common' every day H2O.

How Good a Scientist Are You? The Kitchen Laboratory

While most biological scientists argue that life evolved on earth billions of years ago by means of matter being sparked with energy, they leave out a vital element, and that is 'information'. Without detailed building plans, life will never form fro

A Great New Video! The Case for Intelligent Design

Chuck Missler introduces Unlocking the Mystery of Life - the new video on the life of a cell - produced by reputable scientists who promote the theory of Intelligent Design.

Chance or Design? The Beads of Waitangi

The 'Beads of Waitangi' spell out a message in Morse Code far less complicated than the code of DNA, yet nobody would suggest these beads assembled themselves over millions of years.

Continuing Upheaval in Science: Sharp Images Blur Physics Concepts

As much as humankind has discovered and has reasonably explained about the universe, there is still a great deal of information missing in the science of physics.

Fundamental Constants? The Mysteries of Pi and e

Are the mathematical numbers Pi and e found in the letters of Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1?

Part One of a Series: Why Six Days?

Chuck answers critics of Genesis who argue that the world could not have been created in six literal days.

Part Two of a Series: Whence Our 'Reality'?

To many, our physical world is all that is truly 'real.' But the more we learn from modern science, the more illusive and intangible our 'reality' becomes.

The Mathematics of Beauty: The Most Insulting Idol of All

While evolutionists attribute the wonders of creation to millions of years of mindless adaption, the reality of God's creative genius is evident everywhere.

Science and the Pursuit of Truth: Through a Glass Darkly

The history of science is littered with the debris of discarded relics once regarded as 'truth'.

KI Term Paper Winner: Written for a Generation to Come
The History of the World in the Molecules of Life

Wendy Wippel offers a summary of her first-prize-winning paper on genetic anthroplolgy (or perhaps, ''molecular theology'').

DNA by Design: Signs of Intelligence

Stephen C. Meyer writes about DNA by design.

The Beyond Series: The Boundaries of Our Reality Part 1

Chuck Missler discusses The Boundaries of Our Reality.

Epigenetics: Big New Changes in Genetics Above the Code

Advances in technology have confirmed the growing suspicions that the linkage between DNA and what you see in the cell is not a one-to-one relationship: what you see in the DNA is not fully what you get in the creature.