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Personal: Koinonia Institute

For Serious Students: Koinonia Institute Fact Sheet

The Course Descriptions for the upcoming classes available through the Koinonia Institute

Back to School at KI: Koinonia Institute Courses

A list of course requirements for the upcoming Koinonia Institute classes offered through LBU

For Serious Students: LBU Graduates Five KI Students

A heads up on the course of KI so far!

Greetings from Dan: New Director at Koinonia Institute

Meet Dan Stolebarger, the new face of Koinonia Institute. Welcome Dan!

New from Koinonia Institute: Online Classes at KI!

Koinonia Institute: Discipleship vs. Talmidim

''We all need to follow in the dust of our Rabbi.'' Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Institute, explores how Jewish education in Jesus' day presents a challenge for us as disciples of Christ.

KI Update: Leadership Roundtable II

Koinonia Institute Director, Dan Stolebarger, reviews December's Small Group Leadership Roundtable and mentions the next one in February.

Looking Back and Dreaming BIG About What's Ahead

Koinonia Institute Director, Dan Stolebarger, gives us an update on what is and what will be, concerning all things ''KI.''

KI Update: The Fox and the Fish

devotions, encourage, encouragement, him who has an ear, hearing,

Koinonia Institute Update: New Online Classes Start April 10th!

Koinonia Institute Update: Continuing Clarity

Dan Stolebarger gives us an update on the many happenings with KI.

Koinonia Institute Update: Hearing God

Dan Stolebarger, KI Director, provides insights from scripture on hearing God.

Koinonia Institute Update: KI, Israel, Abraham & Jesus

Dan Stolebarger provides an update on happenings with Koinonia Institute and some thoughts on the life of Abraham.

KI Update: New Classes at KI

Dan Stolebarger gives us an update on KI happenings and also concludes a devotional on Abraham's Trials.

KI Update: Reflections from Great Britain

Dan Stolebarger, Koinonia Institute Director, offers a report on the recent European KI Conference.

Koinonia Institute Update: Calling All ... Who Are Hungry for the Word

Dan Stolebarger provides us with an overview of the exciting happenings with Koinonia Institute.

KI Update: Q&A/Open Mic and Living in the Psalms

Dan Stolebarger, KI director, gives us an update on Koinonia Institute happenings, and provides some insight into the Book of Psalms.

Trip Report: Israel II – An Insiders Briefing

Chuck offers a trip report from the latest ''insider's briefing'' in Israel.

KI Update: God Keeps Covenant

Dan Stolebarger offers a summary of the ministries served during the recent inaugural Israel II trip.

The First Annual: Koinonia Institute Conference

A summary of the conference which is now available on DVD.

Israel 2007: ''This Year in Jerusalem''

Dan Stolebarger reminds us of up-coming Israel Tours.

KI Update: A Declaration of War

The best way for those in the Army of God to get information about who our commander is and what our marching orders are is to study the Word of God.

KI Update: God Makes a Distinction... Do You?

''...one of the primary purposes of Koinonia Institute is to prepare everyday people for a time when the church will return to its origins.''

K I Regional Roundtables New Opportunities

Dan Stolebarger comments of KI fellowship opportunities.

KI Devotional Why?

Dan Stolebarger reminds us that, ''As we approach the season of our Lords death and resurrection, we need to make sure we never distance our Easter from Passover.''

KI Devotional: Walk With Me

Dan Stolebarger speaks about our daily walk with God, I have learned over the years that we really are creatures of habit; thus, the goal is to find ways to transform our daily routines into Godly disciplines.

A Personal Challenge New Wine for New Skins?

Do you feel a drawing away from your present commitments and a yearning for a greater relevance in your life? Is it possible that God may be calling you into a new phase of your life?

Pray About Joining Us! Blind Bartimaeus aka Blind Bart

Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinoina Institute invits you to be part of the Koinoina Institute.

Back to School with KI: Its NOW Time!

Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Institute challenges you to go back to school!

KI Update: Koinonia Institute Report

KI Update: Koinonos

Dan Stolebarger asks, could it be that our actions are speaking so loudly that it is impossible for the world to hear the true Gospel?

A Challenge for Us All: Profaning the Name of God

Dan Stolebarger discusses what it means to profane the name of God.

Milestones of the Past Year: 2007 Executive Summary

Chuck Missler takes time to pause and reflect on our achievements of this past year

KI 2008 Preview: Focusing on Whats Ahead

Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Institute focus' on whats ahead for Koinonia Institute.

The 2nd Annual KI Conference: Strategic Perspectives II

Chuck Missler discusses the 2nd Annual Koinonia Institute Conference held in Coeur dAlene, Idaho.

A Gathering Together: Face to Face

As Koinonia Institute continues to grow and our infrastructure of Area Reps continues to increase Dan Stolebarger had a chance to visit some of them.

KI Devotional: Today or Tomorrow?

Dan Stolebarger speaks to the many folks who struggle with Gods Will for their lives.

Israel 2008: The KI Berean Tour

Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Institute writes about the KI Isreal tour.

KI Devotional: KI Small Groups

Trevor Macduff, KI Small Group Coordinator talks about small groups.

KI Devotional: Stop, Look, and Listen!

Dan Stolebarger instructs us to stop, look, and listen to grow closer to God.

KI Area Rep Report: Taking KI to Local Communities

Koinonia Instutite representive gives a report on KI in the Southeast U.S.

KI Devotional: Shavuot Gleanings

Gold, Silver, Bronze, KI, Shavuot,

Conference Summary: Strategic Perspectives: So Cal

Mark Bright, General Manager writes about the Strategic Perspectives Southern California 08 conference.

Issachar Database Update: First Fruits: IDB Bullets

Dan Stolebarger talks about the Issachar Database.

KI Devotional: Are You a Warrior or Simply Dust in the Wind?

Israel Trip Report: Issachar 2008

Dan Stolebarger, Executive Director of Koinonia Institute talks about a trip to Tsrael.

KI Devotional: Fear Not!

Dan Stolebarger, Executive Director of Koinonia Institute tells us to "fear not".

KI Devotional: Koinonia First - Institute Second

Dan Stolebarger talks about fellowship.

The Fourth Annual: Strategic Perspectives Conference

Tess Rae, TA Coordinator updates us on the 2009 Strategic Perspectives Conference.

K-House and KI: The Year in Review

Chuck Missler reviews the year 2009 and looks to what the future holds.

Koinonia Institute: Five Years Ago

Dan Stolebarger, Executive Director of Koinonia Institute gives a five year update of his time at Koinonia House.

Strategic Perspectives Conference: Flooding Couldn't Dampen the Conference in Tennessee

Flooding Couldn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t Dampen the Conference in Tennessee

Koinonia Institute: Back to School

Dan Stolebarger writes about back to school time.

Strategic Perspectives

Steve Elwart writes about the Strategic Perspectives Conference.

It's a KI Free-for-All!