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Personal: Christian Living

Pilgrimage to Eternity: Lew's Journey

Lew Phelps, a long time friend, has been given a love for the Mormons of southern Idaho and has had success in reaching out to them for Christ.

The Gospel of John: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide gives a review of the recent Visual Bible movie, The Gospel of John.

A Trip Like No Other: Ethiopian Expedition 2005

Chuck outlines the travel itinerary for the upcoming 2005 Ethiopia trip.

Itinerary 2005 Israel Trip

Conference in Colorado: Steeling Minds in Denver

A Commencement Address: Congratulations, America!

Chuck tells the story he calls ''The Chain of Gold'' to emphasize the point that God has a plan for everyone.

A Resource for the New Year A Source of Spiritual Growth

''As I travel, both in the United States and especially abroad, I sense that the emergence of home fellowship groups are, again, among the most exciting " and spiritually productive " phenomena on the planet Earth''

Trip Report: Our Visit to the Land of Israel

Chuck discusses the high points of the 2005 Israel Trip

A Refreshing Christmas Opportunity: A Rebuttal to Harry Potter

The December release of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by Walden Media and Walt Disney will hopefully open the wardrobe door to a refreshing rebuttal to the occultic franchise of Harry Potter.

2005/2006 Executive Summary: Looking Back...and Ahead

Chuck recounts the K-House milestones of 2005 and anticipates the potentials of 2006.

Israel Trip Report: A Trip to Remember

Chuck recounts highlights from the March 2006 Israel Tour

An Israel Devotional: Have You Ever...?

Dan Stolebarger, KI Director, has a few questions for you!

The Year in Review: 2006 Executive Summary

A look back and a look ahead for K-House and KI.

Trip Report: Australia and New Zealand

Chuck offers a report on his recent trip to Australia and New Zealand.

KI Devotional: A Simple Thing Called Prayer

Dan Stolebarger writes about how prayer is one of those spiritual disciplines that we need to spend more time developing in our personal life

Israel Trip Report: Reflections from the Land

Dan Stolebarger reflects upon returning from a pilgrimage to the Land of Israel.

KI Devotional Do You Need a Rest?

Dan Stolebarger explores the questions, do we as Christians ever have the opportunity to retire? At what point can we take a break?

KI Devotional: Two Things We Cannot Live Without

Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Institute answers the question What are the two things that we cannot live without?

New Study: Why I Stand With Israel

Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Institute writes about supporting Israel.

Year in Review: The Past Is Prologue

Chuck Missler discusses the past year of 2008.

Israel Tour Update: Issachar 2009 Is Coming!

Notice of 2009 Israel tour.

For the Troops: Soldiers Bible Ministry

John Hoben, Jan Ross and John Reynolds write about Soldiers Bible Ministry.

Technology Review: E-Readers

Mark Bright, General Manager of Koinonia House talks about E-Readers.

Technology Review: E-Readers: Part 2

Mark Bright, General Manager of Koinonia House continues his review about E-Readers.

For the Fourth of July: America's Challenge

Chuck Missler writes about America's challenge.

The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Greatest Archaeological Discovery of Our Time

Dr. Peter Flint writes about the greatest archaeological discovery of our time.

Biblical Perspective: Encouragement in Distress

Chuck Missler, President of Koinonia Institute writes about suffering.

River Lodge Conferences

Chuck Missler writes about his plans for conference in New Zealand.

A Personal Passover

Dan Stolebarger writs about his personal passover.

Stewardship Financial Turmoil: Part 1

How we handle financial turmoil will either build us up in Christ or demonstrate our spiritual flabbiness.

Christian Living Standing the Test of Time

I think what we need is less of what the world has to offer in terms of entertainment and more of what God has designed for equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.

Financial Turmoil, Part 2 Navigating Financial Uncertainty

No matter where we live in the world or whatever generation God has chosen to place us, we will experience financial uncertainty. Thank goodness for timeless divinely inspired Scriptures that tell us how to live.

The Millenials A Lost Generation

As a group of believers, we are leaving our young people woefully unprepared to face a frequently hostile world once they leave the nest.

New Topical Series Family Matters

Like a spiritual tsunami, the influences of modern moral relativism are rapidly eroding the confidence of many Christians in Biblical truths concerning marriage, family, and parenting.

Small Groups Where We’ve Been and Where We’ll End

We believe that the best place for the discipleship process to take root is in the midst of a small group, not a large congregation.

Remember The Names Because We Must

The world is again looking to annihilate the Jews. Will we sit back and allow deception to come in like a flood, or do we wake up and become warriors for truth?

Human Nature Change Blindness

Education The Everyman Strategic Perspective

The Legacy Project Stewardship

Your Issachar Toolbox

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Christmas Presence

Defending the Family

K-House for Kids

The Under Rower of Christ

Examine Yourself

The Age of Deceit - Part 1

Objective Truth and Personal Faith

Escape from Paradise

The Question and The Questioner


Time To Equip Ourselves