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Nan's Corner: King's High Way

Nan's Corner - June Article Our Yielding Imparts God's Strength

Until our souls are broken of their own strength through the Cross, they will continue to influence, lead, and direct us. Once our souls are submitted to the Cross, however, and our natural strength broken, we’ll be able to serve God as He desi

Nan's Corner - July Article We Have Forsaken All

Jesus says that in order to live the abundant Life, we must be willing to surrender anything and everything that stands in the way of God’s Spirit working freely through us.

Nan's Corner - August Article What Is a True Disciple?

What exactly is a true disciple of Christ? The answer is: A true disciple has “a lifestyle alongside his belief.”

Nan's Corner - September Article The Faithful and Wise Servants

Jesus describes both a true disciple and a nominal believer in His story or narrative about the “faithful and wise servants” in Matthew 24:42–51.

Nan's Corner - October Article Faith: The Means Of God’s Power

Faith is the means by which God’s divine power can work in our lives. Hebrews 11:6 tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God.

Nan's Corner - November Article Faith Is Trusting God

Faith is the principle by which we obtain Christ’s Life and the means to God’s Power. It’s the foundation of our walk with the Lord. But, obedience and trust are the principles by which we live that “faith” out.

Nan's Corner - December Article Faithful Obedience

The real test of faith comes when we can trust God even in the depths of our trials, even before the victory is realized and even before the promises are fulfilled.

Nan's Corner - January Article Works: The Spirit vs. The Flesh

I hope and pray that you had a very blessed Holiday Season. Truly, even with all that’s going on in many of our personal lives, and all that’s happening in our country, we still have so much to be thankful for.

Nan's Corner - February Article The Fruit of the Spirit is Love

One of the greatest proofs that we are, indeed, partakers of Christ’s Life is that we will be living and sharing His Agape Love to all we come in contact with.

Nan’s Corner - March Article Definition of an Overcomer

Overcomers are those victorious ones who have learned how to master the flesh, prevail over the world and conquer the devil only through Christ’s Life in them.

Nan's Corner - April Article Faith Choices: The Key to Overcoming

Knowing how to make “faith choices” is saving my life. I trust Him in all of this. That’s easy to say, but “walking that out” is what I need to do right now.

Nan's Corner - May Article The Fullness of His Joy

When at the depths of a trial, if we can respond in such a way that the situation pushes us into God’s presence, then we can expect to experience the joy of the Lord in spite of our circumstances.