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through the lens of Scripture”


Nan's Corner

Against the Tide – 21 articles

When we go Against The Tide, we learn to make choices based on faith, no matter how we feel, letting God and not our emotions run our lives.

The Key – 13 articles

While we know that we should give our troubles and frustrations and sorrows to God, we don't know how. Nancy Missler teaches how 'to let go and let God'.

Reflections of His Image – 33 articles

The Lord not only wants you to have salvation through Christ, He wants you to be a reflection of Christ.

The Kingdom, Power and Glory – 35 articles

The Kingdom, Power and Glory

Spiritual Warfare – 1 articles

Find out about the real, practical tools you have as a Christian in your daily battles against sin.

Way of Agape – 14 articles

Receive deeper insights into God's character. Understand more clearly how we react to the world around us, and learn alternative ways of dealing with these emotions..

Be Ye Transformed – 21 articles

Nancy Missler shares insights on how we can daily renew our minds, restore relationships, and revitalize our walk with the Lord.

Faith in the Night Seasons – 32 articles

In this third volume of The King's High Way Series, Nancy and Chuck chronicle the story of their own 'night seasons' and share the Biblical insights into His heart and plan that God showed them through these times

Seven Fold Spirit of God – 11 articles

Wonderful insights into the very nature of our Lord, and how it is reflected in His relationship with us.

Growth – 7 articles

The Bible provides us with practical, real-world tools and insights to help us in our personal spiritual growth. Come explore them with us!

Private Worship – 21 articles

Are you like so many Christians today who struggle with a lack of joy and with knowing how to worship the Lord properly? Are we only to worship Him on Sundays or is it something we are to do every day of the week? And, could our lack of joy be related to our lack of worship?

Christian Living – 1 articles

Practical ideas for daily Christian living. We want to live in a way that is pleasing to God, and sometimes we need instructions.

Never Give Up – 3 articles

What do you do when your dreams, your plans and your hopes blow up in your face? Who do you blame when everything in the Bible gave you hope but, then all was destroyed? How do you refrain from being angry, bitter and blaming God in situations like this?

Faith – 4 articles

Our worldly society provides a course of obstacles that daily challenge our faith. Learn sound scriptural principles to support your walk with Christ.

King's High Way – 12 articles

The King's High Way is a series of training courses that facilitate Christians to walk in God's Love, Truth and Will. Each series will challenge you to a deeper faith and a closer intimacy with Christ.

Special Article – 4 articles