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Current Events: Political

The Federal Reserve: The Engine of Power

Chuck Missler explorers the awesome, often hidden power behind the Federal Reserve system, and how this power can potentially threaten our financial and personal freedoms.

Twilight's Last Gleaming? Judgment on the Horizon

Chuck Missler examines the dangerous games played by the Federal Reserve, and how the huge national debt and federal deficit are leading inxexorably to national catastrophe.

Freedom of the Press? Media Madness

Chuck Missler examines the state of this country's media, and how it has forsaken its watchdog role of the past to become a mouthpiece for political spin machines. What can we do as individuals?

An OBE Update: Brave New Schools

John Loeffler details the insidious agenda behind Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Goals 2000. Hidden curriculums and positive-sounding legislation mask a dangerous trend in our educational systems.

An Election Challenge: Just One Vote

Commentator Paul Harvey discusses how one vote - yours - can make a difference. Our republic funtions correctly only if the people VOTE for their leaders. It is a unique privledge is this world. Don't waste the chance.

Restraining our Judiciary: Impeachment!

Chuck Missler examines the process of Impeachment, and reveals how this is a very real tool for American to use in taking back its government!

Beyond Goals 2000: Workers for the 21st Century

John Loeffler exposes the insidious nature of Outcome Based Education and School-to-work. A wake-up call to the quietly growing dangers to the Christian faith and family.

Breach of Trust: The Possibility of Impeachment

Chuck Missler examines the many parallels between the Nixon impeachment and Clinton's laundry list of impeachable offenses.

None Dare Call It Fascism: Reflections on Our Republic

Chuck Missler examines in detail the state of our nation, and how different we have let it become from the dream of our forefathers. We have given away valuable rights without a fight.

The Puck Is on the Ice: Impeachment

Chuck Missler briefly discusses the impeachment charges brought against William Clinton, why we should care, and what you can do.

Whats Really Going On? Executive Orders: Edicts from a Presidential Throne: Part 1

James Hirsen examines the roots of our Executive Order process, and how this effective tool of government has been dangerously corrupted.

What's Really Going On? Executive Orders - Edicts From a Presidential Throne: Part 2

James Hirsen relates the history of executive orders in America, the way they've been used to increase presidential authority, and the possibility for corruption.

A Challenge from a Friend: Winning the Cultural War

Charlton Heston gives a speech to the Harvard Law School Forum, decrying the tyranny of political correctness and calling us out to stand up for justice.

A Strategic Review: Waco: Up From the Ashes

John Loeffler lists evidence that the FBI attempted to cover up their responsibility for the deaths of dozens of innocent men, women, and children in Waco, Texas.

Election-Year Stewardship: Our Dual Citizenship

Chuck Missler examines our scriptural and moral obligations to be informed and active participants in our own government.

Invasion of Privacy: Watching Big Brother Watch You

John Loeffler describes the various means the governments of the world, including America's, have of invading their citizens' private lives and databasing everything about them.

Revisiting the Judicial Orthodoxy: Thomas Jefferson and the 'Wall of Separation'

Did Thomas Jefferson intend the rigid refusal of anything religious down the halls of government when he wrote his famous letter in 1802, or has the 'Wall of separation' been built on faulty grounds?

What's Really Going On? Elian's Cuba

John Loeffler discusses the liklihood of Elian's being better off in Castro's Marxist Cuba.

An Answer to Prayer: Eight Positive Results of Election 2000

Dave Barton of WallBuilders looks closer at the Election 2000 'fiasco' and points out the extremely positive effects that the tight presidential election had on America.

Energy and the Economy Crisis or Slowdown?

Are we facing an energy and an economic crisis or is this just a bump in the road being exploited by politicians to further an agenda?

EU Update: The European Union: Evolving into a Federalized Superpower

It has become obvious that the future E.U. will involve the loss of much national sovereignty for member nations as that power is transferred to the politicians and bureaucrats in socialist Brussels.

Strategic Trends 2001 Middle East Update

The relative stability of the Middle East during the 1990s was bound to deteriorate as questions regarding final borders, refugee return, and Jerusalem were thrown on the negotiating table.

Global Governance: International Justice?

While some might consider the trial of Slobodan Milosevic a positive event, it should be seen as negative because the precedent it is setting in global law is dubious.

Fighting Terrorism with Big Government: The Second Great Watershed

Will the 'War on Terrorism' - the reaction to the September 11 WTC-Pentegon attacks - effect healthy or destructive changes, and what will it cost in the end? Will the new legislation and improved international relations increase our safety?

Oslo Accord Update: A Middle East Christmas Carol

Issues such as control of an undivided Jerusalem, final borders, and the right of return for Palestinian refugees were bound to rupture the fragile no-war brought by the Oslo Peace Accords. A year of escalating violence has made it clear that Oslo

Finally, A Smoking Gun: Roswell Revisited

What really happened at Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947? What about the the Rendlesham Forest incident in Great Britain? People continue to be fascinated with the mystery surrounding the subject of UFOs and aliens.

Lifting the Veil of Secrecy Majestic-12

A group of highly classified scientists known as Majestic-12 allegedly met to investigate the UFO which crashed near Roswell, N.M. in 1947 - however, documents supporting the existence of MJ-12 have long been debunked. Is there evidence that the dis

Post-Iraq Assessment: The Geopolitical Landscape of the Middle East

Operation 'Iraqi Freedom' was well-planned and implemented, leading to the fall of Iraq. However, our true victory comes from prayer and true dependence on God.

Trip Update: National Security Forum

Chuck Missler was an invited participant in the National Security Forum at the Air War College.

European Union Update: Poland's Balancing Act

As Poland and other former Soviet bloc nations join the EU, they promise to be at odds with western Europe in a variety of ways.

Updated Briefing! Strategic Trends 2004 (Part 1)

The first major 'strategic trend' is Weapons Proliferation. The acquisition of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons by both terrorists and rogue nations is perhaps one of the greatest threats to our national security.

Updated Briefing! Strategic Trends 2004 (Part 2)

Rise of a European Superstate. The European Union has moved forward in its attempt to unite Europe politically and economically. It has succeeded in unifying and strengthening its economic market, creating a common currency, etc.

Updated Briefing! Strategic Trends 2004 (Part 3)

Global Pestilence involving Biological Terrorism and Genetic Engineering, The Struggle for Jerusalem, and the Magog Invasion are discussed in this third installment in the Strategic Trends series.

Updated Briefing! Strategic Trends 2004 (Part 4)

Global Governance, Ecumenical Religion, and America's Challenge are discussed in this final article in the Strategic Trends series.

Betrayal of the Chosen? The New Bush Doctrine

Chuck explores what has been called ''the greatest betrayal of Israel committed by any American president in history.''

An Interesting Perspective: The Denial of Guilt

Bruce Malone, of Search for the Truth Ministries, explores the subject of guilt in the context of the value of life.

The New Paradigm: K-House Team

Gordon McDonald writes about a changing of the times a new paradigm.

The Reluctant Hegemon

Steve Elwart writes about, 'The Reluctant Hegemon'.