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Current Events: International

From Our Private Modem: Middle East Instability

Chuck Missler examines some of the driving forces behind instability in the Middle East, the countries, the rulers, and how they all fit (or don't fit) together.

Magog Positioning: False START?

Chuck Missler examines the myth of Soviet disarmament, and how the steady Russian build-up of nuclear forces in the face of western apathy may be positioning them for end-times battles.

Background Update: The Kurds of Weigh

Chuck Missler examines the history of the Kurdish people, and how this historically significant group may fit into end-time conflicts.

Secret deals: Intrigues with Iraq

Chuck Missler examines the strategic significance of leaving Saddam Hussein in power, and what role Iraq may play in future events.

A Chronological History: The New World Order

D.L. Cuddy and John Loeffler detail the long and secret history of a formal, deeply rooted organization dedicated to achieving a one-world government, or a New World Order.

From Our Private Modem: Feeding the Dragon?

Chinese Dragon!

What's Really Going On? The Illegal War in Kosovo

James Hirsen considers N.A.T.O.'s involvement in Kosovo in spite of having no international right to interfere with the affairs of a sovereign nation.

New World Policeman? The Redefinition of NATO

Chuck Missler describes the growing power and global-mind of NATO, and its interest in continually dissolving national sovereignty.

A Strategic Review: Congressional Investigation into Canal Zone

Chuck Missler reviews how the Panamanian Governments' giving a Chinese-based company 50-year rights to two prime American-built ports could put U.S. naval and shipping operations at risk.

Creating a New World Order: The U.N. Millennium Forum: Reinvention of Global Government

John Loeffler describes the steps the United Nations and the globalists have and are taking to create a world government

What's Really Going On? U.S. - China Relations

The recent emergency landing of an American surveillance plane on the island of Hainan, China's human rights record, and tensions over Taiwan have caused strained relations between the U.S. and China. What's next?

Gog and the Kings of the East China & Russia: The Best of Friends?

The ultimate invasion of the Middle East by

Prophecy Conferences: Glimpses of the Future

A description of all the recent prophecy conferences in which Chuck Missler and K-House have participated.

A New Kind of War: 'Kahwump!'

The end of the Cold War dissolved the balance of power between two giants. The new war will most likely be perceived as a series of incoming 'kahwumps' from different directions.

Russia and the New World Order: Learning the Troika

John and Carol Loeffler consider the camaraderie that is going on between the United States, Europe, and former enemy Russia, and the incremental way in which the world governments are 'unifying'.

Socialism or Fascism? Communism Is Not Dead!

While 'everybody' knows that communism doesn't work, the same false promises and methods used by communists are being spread today - simply under different names.

Profiles in Prophecy Series: Europa Rising: Part I

While the US and USSR dominated the political horizon of the past half-century, the two dominant power of the next half-century could be China and the new Europe.

Profiles in Prophecy Series: Europa Rising: Part II

Chuck Missler overviews the history of Europe from the 5th century AD to the end of World War II.

The 'New Europe' Arises Europa Rising: Part III

Chuck Missler gives an overview of the evolution of the European Union, from the initial treaties of Paris and Rome in the 1950s to the recent rise of the Euro.

The New Challenges: Europa Rising: Part IV

In this 4th Europa article, Chuck considers the economic growth of Europe compared to the US and the futures of the UN, EU and Turkey.

World Affairs Forecast: What to Expect in 2004

Barry Rubin examines a number of hot international issues to keep an eye on this year, from European policy to Syria to the Palestinian conflict

EU Accession Debate Turkeys Next Step

Chuck Missler explores the possible prophetic roles of Turkey

Middle East Update: No Hurry for Peace

Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya explains why the motivation for peace in the middle east just isn't there.

2005 Trip Report Ark Expedition in Ethiopia

Trip Report: Tsunami of the Spirit

Chuck's trip report from India visiting Gospel for Asia's phenomenal ministry.

The Rise of Asia: An Overlooked "King of the East"?

Everyone's eye is on China as the rising superpower, but have we missed another "King of the East"?

Kings of the East, Part 2 The Rise of India

The centroid of power continues to migrate westward: it is widely anticipated that the 21st century will be the ''Asian Century.'' Part 1 Highlights India - an overlooked giant with the second fastest-growing major economy in the world.

Middle East Update: Irans Nuclear Ambitions

Chuck addresses Iran's recent arrival to the ''nuclear club'' and their advances in the arena of military technology.

Magog Update: Russian-Syrian-Iranian Axis

Hal Lindsey details an interesting relationship between 3 countries that have great prophetic significance.

World Update: Good-Bye to Western Civilization

Barry Rubin talks about a report by the British governments Department for Education and Skills, schools in England are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils

World Update: Turkey: What Happens Next?

Barry Rubin talks about the Justice and Development (AK) party, which won 47 percent of the votes in Turkeys July 22 elections.

Summary Report: Round-the-World Trip

Chuck Missler discusses his trip around the world in 2008.

China Update, Part 1: Religion in China

Chuck Missler discusses religion in China.

Strategic Trends Update: Coming to America: Tony Blair Faith Foundation

Leisa Garcia, IDB Folio Specialist writes about Tony Blair's Faith Foundation.

Losing Our Freedom, Bit by Bit: The Unseen War

Steve Elwart, IDB Folio Specialist writes about cyber warfare.

Cyber Warfare: Today's Nukes

Steve Elwart, Senior Analyst Koinonia Institute writes about cyber warfare.

The Future of Energy

Steve Elwart, Senior Analyst Koinonia Institute writes about the future of energy

The Tentacles of the IMF

Mary Miller writes about the IMF.

Global Threats

Steve Elwart, Senior Analyst, Koinonia Institute writes about global threats.

Rise of Islam The Truth of Taqiyya

In direct opposition to the concept of Biblical truth is the concept of Islamic taqiyya, which, in Islam, is generally known as “lying for the faith.”