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Bible Study: New Testament

Misunderstood Parables? The Mustard Seed

Chuck Missler takes a look at the nature and meaning of the parables Jesus used during time with the disciples.

Updated Bible Study: The Book of Revelation

Chuck Missler takes and in-depth look at the New Testament book of Revelation.

A Controversial Epistle: Jacob's Letter to the 12 Tribes

Chuck Missler examines the controversy over the authorship of the New Testament book of James, and what impact false teachings on this subject have had on our modern faith.

Personal Inside Advice: The Greatest Adventure of All

Chuck Missler offers background descriptions of Paul, Titus, and Timothy, and encourages us to deeply study the pastoral epistles.

Most Comprehensive of All: The Gospel According to Paul

Chuck Missler takes an in depth look at Paul's epistle to the Romans, and what insight it holds for today's Christian.

A Most Provocative Study: The Gospel of Matthew

Chuck Missler considers the origin of the Gospel of Matthew, detailing evidence for an early-date authorship by the apostle Matthew, as well as for Divine 'fingerprints'.

A Most Remarkable Book: The Book of Jude

Chuck Missler describes the theological fullness of the single, not-so-simple chapter that makes up the book of Jude.

The Magna Carta of Spiritual Freedom: Paul's 'Short Romans'

Chuck Missler reviews Paul's letter to the Galatians and the effect this book - which Martin Luther called 'my own little epistle' - has had on the history of the Church.

A Controversial Epistle: Jacob's Letter to the 12 Tribes

Chuck Missler reviews the book of James, considering its authorship, purpose, and its relationship to the books of Paul.

I & II Timothy and Titus: The Pastoral Epistles

Chuck Missler overviews the lives and ministries of Paul's fellow laborers Titus and Timothy, to whom Paul wrote the 'pastoral epistles' that still edify us today.

Pressing On to Maturity: The Pivotal Epistle - Hebrews

Chuck Missler examines the authorship of the New Testament book of Hebrews, and explores the lessons it provides for us as Christians.

An Overlooked Mystery? The Mystery Woman

The Second Epistle of John is one of the most neglected books of the Bible. Who was this 'Elect Lady' to whom John wrote, and what are the letter's implications?

A Combat Manual: Our Ultimate Adventure

The book of Ephesians is a remarkable letter, full of information, and is regarded by many as the loftiest pinnacle of the New Testament, and yet it is also a practical manual for personal combat.

The Gentile Gospel: Dr. Luke

For many , the Gospel according to 'the Beloved Physician' is the most readable and complete account of the life of Christ.

Screenwriter for Peter's Gospel: John Mark

The gospel written by John Mark is fast-paced and full of information, including more miracle accounts than any other gospel.

The Book of Acts: Luke: Volume II

Luke, Volume II, commonly known as 'The Book of Acts,' is regarded by many as the most exciting and relevant book for the current believer.

A Bible Study for Our Times The Corinthian Letters

Corinth became one of the most dominant cultural centers of its day: materially prosperous, intellectually alert, and morally corrupt. It is no wonder then that the letters to the church at Corinth embody so many of the concerns that plague us today.

The Gospel in Quadraphonic: Why Are There Four Gospels?

Chuck Missler overviews the four Gospels and the unique perspectives that each has in giving an account of the person and ministry of Jesus Christ.

A Timely Study The Epistles of John

A Letter for Today Encouragement in Distress

An overview of the historical background of Paul's letter to encourage the Philippian church, written while Paul was a prisoner in Rome.

An Urgent Resource for Today: The Danger of False Ideas - Colossians

Paul's book of Colossians addresses a number of false teachings that we face in our world still today. The New-Age isn't new at all - the Gnostics were working on similar philosophies in the 1st century!

What Really Happened on the Cross? Six Hours in Eternity

Physicist and Christian Lambert Dolphin looks at the terrible price Christ paid on the cross, and how his suffering might have carried over into eternity. And still is?!

Epistemology, Part 5: Resolving the Olivet Discourse

Chuck examines the Olivet Discourse, and discovers there is more than meets the eye!

The Manifesto of our King: The Sermon on the Mount

Chuck offers clarity on a familiar passage that is often misunderstood.

Now on Audio CD: The Letters from James and Jude

The books of James and Jude were, in large measure, written to the Jews, and yet they have important lessons for us all.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah: The Gospel of Matthew

Chuck highlights some points of interest in an introduction to the Gospel of Matthew.

Updated Romans Study: The Gospel of Paul

Chuck Missler goes over Romans or as he calls it the Gospel of Paul.

Updated Commentary on DVD: The Pastoral Epistles

Chuck Missler discusses the pastoral epistles.

Updated Hebrews Study: Pressing On To Maturity

Chuck Missler talks about pressing On To maturity as he goes through the book of Hebrews.

A Glimpse of Hebrews, Part 2: A Major Biblical Enigma

Chuck Missler continues his writting on the epistle to the Hebrews.

Updated Study: The Epistle to the Galatians

Chuck Missler discusses the book of Galatians.

New, Updated Commentary: Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians

Chuck Missler talks about the book of Ephesians.

Now on DVD: The Epistles of Peter

The Epistles of Peter discussed by Chuck Missler

New, Updated Study: The Epistle to the Colossians

Chuck Missler writes about The Epistle to the Colossians.

Updated Study: The Epistles of John

Chuck Missler introduces his new 1 2 3 John commentary.

Updated Commentary on Mark: Screenwriter for Petera's Gospel

Chuck Missler writes about his updated commentary on Mark.

Tarore & The Gospel Of Luke

Chuck Missler writes about the Gospel of Luke.

The Book of Acts

New Commentary The Gospel of John

John’s Gospel is intense and uniquely rewarding for both the novice and the seasoned Bible student. It is a fruitful place for a beginner, yet it continues to reveal surprises to challenge the most sophisticated and diligent.

Seasonal Study “Not According to Plan”?

Jesus, not His enemies, set the time of His execution. This was a destiny established before the foundation of the world.

New Book I, Jesus: An Autobiography

This book lets Jesus speak for himself, in his own words as recorded by the New Testament writers. In a sense, we’ve created an autobiography.

Bible Study The World’s Finest Woman

Bible Study The Mystery Woman

Excerpt Seven Letters to Seven Churches

Excerpt The Agony of Love