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Current Events: Environment

Environmental Update: Global Warming? Hot Air!

John Loefller examines the myths behind global warming and it causes, such as C02 and Freon, and what might be possible driving forces behind the Green Treaties being imposed on countries.

Environmental Update: Global Warming or Hot Air?

Research Editor Carol Loeffler examines the continuing controversy surrounding global warming and the Kyoto protocol, as well as current scientific views.

What's Really Going On? Trashing the Planet

We all want to protect the environment and be wise stewards of the earth. However, radical environmentalism causes unnecessary economic and social problems in its political and religious fervor, and often harms the 'little guy'.

An Unparalleled Opportunity: The Other Tsunami

Chuck Missler talks about some of the unexpected side-effects of the devastating tsunami in southeast Asia

Energy Wars: The Coming Crunch

Chuck explains why the world is in for an energy crises of devastating proportions

Behold a Pale Horse Avian Flu

Chuck explores the recent outbreak of avian flu and the implications for the world.

Global Government: The War on Sovereignty
A Global Climate Change: Part I

In this first part of a series, Gordon McDonald examines a hot issue with an eye on the real cause behind the phenomenon.

Global Government: The War on Science
A Global Climate Change: Part II

In 1979, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher championed the issue of Global Warming as a means to focus attention away from negative labor issues and instead toward fighting the good fight for the environment.

Global Government: The War on Choice A Global Climate Change: Part III

Gordon McDonald discusses how in the last hundred years, many have attempted to produce the necessary hysteria to bring about a one-world government paradigm

Preparing for Disasters In Times of Trouble

While governments plan (sometimes poorly) for disasters, individuals have the ultimate responsibility for their own welfare and that of their family.

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