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66/40 with Chuck Missler

The great discovery is that the Bible is a message system: it’s not simply 66 books penned by 40 authors over thousands of years, the Bible is an integrated whole which bears evidence of supernatural engineering in every detail!

Christian Doctrine

Christian Living

Practical ideas for daily Christian living. We want to live in a way that is pleasing to God, and sometimes we need instructions.


The Spiritual Gifts - The Active Work Of The Holy Spirit

This study focuses on the Apostle Paul and the controversial topics associated with the mysterious Gifts of the Holy Spirit in I Corinthians 12,13,&14.

Letters To The Seven Churches - The Church; Past, Present and Future

This study will explore the seven letters by Jesus Christ to actual historical churches and the church ages they represent. These letters describe the unfolding of all church history in advance.

The Sovereignty Of Man - Predestination Or Free Will?

Chuck Missler explores the fundamental paradox of fate versus free will, the classical argument between Calvinism and Arminianism.

The Trinity - Three Gods In One

The doctrine of the trinity has been at the heart of much theological controversy. The routine objection is that the doctrine sacrifices monotheism to 'tritheism.' How is this objection resolved?

Heaven and Hell - What Happens When You Die?

When it comes our time, what do we expect death to be like? How will we enter eternity?


Join Chuck as he examines the past, present and future roles of the nation of Israel, and how it affects us as Christians.


The Prodigal Heirs - The Roles And Destinies Of Israel And The Church

It is dangerous, as well as destructive, to automatically transfer the promises that God gave Israel to the Church. Learn about the Biblical roles of these two groups!

Kabbalah And The Rise Of Mysticism - Part One - Kabbalah: The Quest For Truth?

''Kabbalah: The Quest For Truth?'', ''The History Of Kabbalah'', ''Where Did The Kabbalah Get Their Ideas?''

Kabbalah And The Rise Of Mysticism - Part Two - The Dangers of the Occult

''What Did The Kabbalah Get Right?'', ''Hidden Codes In The Biblical Text'', ''The Dangers Of The Occult'',

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